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What is the Tech Pioneer?

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We cover a lot of exciting lifestyles at Reverse Tide. The idea is to incorporate the most topical learning, the most exciting careers, and still leave plenty of room for a lifestyle that makes your friends envious!

The latest in our series is The Tech Pioneer. This has been a common and well publicized lifestyle over the last decade or so. We’ve seen ordinary people start billion dollar businesses seemingly overnight. We’ve seen people release mobile apps that generate millions of downloads. And we’ve seen Silicon Valley become this mythical place, almost a second Gold Rush!

And yet this tech entrepreneur lifestyle still feels faraway for the vast majority of us. A lot of people think you HAVE to move to Silicon Valley. You HAVE to major in computer science at a prestigious university like MIT or Stanford. You HAVE to find funding in order to start a business and then take big risks. And success is either working at the likes of Google, Apple, Amazon, or Facebook or being a funded founder.

All of these assumptions are wrong. ANYONE can become a Tech Pioneer these days…

Today’s learning options are unbelievable. They are cheap and accessible from technology possibilitiesanywhere in the world. And we believe the sources available online are better than you would get at any of the top universities. In this world, nobody cares about formal education. They care about what you can build and what you have accomplished.

You can work remotely. After all, everything is available online. You’re coding online. You can collaborate with teammates using tools like Slack or Github. So no need to pay $2000/month for a closet in Silicon Valley. Work from a beach, mountaintop, or the city/country of your choice.

You definitely don’t need funding. That is a myth. Funding can help you do some interesting things once your idea and product mature. However, it isn’t required. You can build via independent work, partnerships, or the cash flow of a smaller business.

And success is anything you want it to be. It might be making a certain amount of money. Maybe it’s your love of coding. Perhaps it’s the satisfaction of being a leader in the tomorrow’s great technology. It might be the joy of creating something new and useful to a certain population segment. Or it might be the Tech Pioneer lifestyle (whatever you personally define that as).

Since we believe YOU should define what a Tech Pioneer is, we’lltech pioneer goals just give you a few ideas. Here are some things you can accomplish…

You can make amazing amounts of money. There is incredible investment money in the tech world and very low barriers to entering it. And the products you’re creating are reaching billions of people, creating near infinite potential customers. That’s why so many are making fortunes in such short time periods.

No more of this weird 9-5 schedule or having to wait until retirement to do something exciting. You choose what you work on now. And the sky is the limit in terms of what you can accomplish. You are revolutionizing the world after all!

All the exciting inventions are only years away from being a core part of our lives. Virtual reality will change everything from entertainment to communication to learning. Artificial intelligence will automate the most laborious tasks in our lives and work. Alternative energy will create a clean and efficient way to power the world. Biotechnology will teach us all about our health and allow us to live longer, healthier lives. The Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics, drones, and blockchain are also primed to influence everything! There are so many options and so much potential. And you can enter any of these industries with ease.

Most people in today’s world prioritize making an impact in the world. Sitting in cubicles and being told what to do isn’t part of our DNA. Nor are we interested in laboring to enrich the big bosses. We want to do something impactful. There is no better or easier industry to make that happen than tech.

Finally, the Tech Pioneer looks up to people that create something great. People like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. The people constrained by nothing but willing to experiment and fail often. We don’t concern ourselves with the Instagram divas, reality tv stars, or corrupt politicians. We’re too busy creating a better world. We want to be the next Elon!

In this series of articles, we will share some ideas on how to become The Tech Pioneer. We want you to live this amazing lifestyle and accomplish greatness. We’ll give you all the best resources to learn the tech skills you need and do so as cost-efficiently as possible. We’ll give you ideas about where we think the major tech trends are headed (so you can position yourself accordingly). And we’ll talk a lot about lifestyle because that’s just as important as the career side of the Tech Pioneer. Get ready!