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Today’s Top Skills #1: Technology Skills

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This article is a series in which Reverse Tide explores some of the most critical skills in today’s economy. While not every job necessarily requires such skills, these are some of the most in-demand generic skills found on job postings and employer wish lists. For those looking to expand your career, make yourself more attractive to prospective employers, or learn some of the most topical skills, we will explain why we believe these are so important. 

This skills needs no introduction. Technology is all around us and is exciting for both those at the forefront of the industry and the customers relying on it in their professional, household, and social lives. Equally as exciting as how rapidly technology has grown in the last decade is the predictions for how they evolve in the coming decade. You’d have to be living under a rock to have an appreciation for how much demand employers have for technology skills. Every business uses technology in some capacity and must rely on in-house skills to use software and communicate to customers over digital channels. Larger companies build their own systems or offer products/services with elements in technology.

People talk about the “Internet of Things” where almost every object from household appliances to transportation to infrastructure and almost anything else are all connected over a common network and able to interact with each other. The purpose is simple. This means any “thing” can automatically collect unlimited information, process that information, and make pre-coded decisions based on that information.

  • Want that perfect temperature on your shower? That will soon be possible
  • Want to have self-driving cars? That is already being tested and soon will be the norm
  • Want to be more healthy? Small sensors will soon predict every aspect of your health real-time and automatically alert for any sudden changes or issues. This includes blood pressure, blood sugar, breathing quality, brain activity, and even your urine/stool after using the toilets! Virtually every aspect of your body functions can be tracked instantly.
  • Over or undercooking your food? You will be able to set your cooking equipment to automatically detect food temperature
  • Have a specific coffee, cocktail, or other preference that relies on the memory of your servers? Not only can your preference be automatically uploaded but can be auto-prepared when you want so it’s available immediately upon walking in the door
Reverse Tide Online Education- Mobile Futures
Mobile Futures by NYC Media Lab – CC BY_SA 2.0

These are just a few examples. One article that really helps you understand this further is Wired’s The Internet of Things is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes. However, for additional reading, simply do a search in Google to understand how important it ultimately will be in re-shaping our lives.

What does this mean for the working world though? It has massive implications for future employment (and by future, we really mean starting now and continuing to grow). Traditionally, we think of programming as something a specific job function needs to understand. If you work for Oracle or IBM or if you’re an app developer by trade, you need to know programming. We traditionally think of technology as an industry similar to manufacturing, tourism, and medicine.

The Internet of Things changes that to a certain extent. While the large technology companies will only grow larger, almost every industry suddenly becomes their competitors. Cars, planes, and bikes are set to become moving computers where every part is connected to the network. Appliances and consumer goods are suddenly technology devices. Regardless of whether a product is being manufactured, distributed, sold, or serviced… technology will be at the forefront of that product’s identity. Computers will power every element of these goods and services, thus requiring the manufacturer, salesperson, and servicer to all have intimate technology expertise. Think of it similarly to the Apple Watch. If you have an issue or it breaks down, taking it to your local watchmaker would be nearly useless. You need to take it to Apple, as they have the expertise to fix or replace your mini computer first (and watch second).

Going back to employment… do you think we have the collective skills to handle such a rapidly changing product? Would you feel confident calling your plumber to fix your digital toilet? I’m guessing their skill-set at this moment in time isn’t in programming and technology. Even someone well educated like your doctor… they can give medical advice and conduct required medical procedures, but do they have the skills or even processes to analyze thousands of data points from your real-time body sensors and enact a preventative health plan with all their patients?

Reverse Tide Online Education - Labscope
ZEISS Primo Star and Labscope App by ZEISS Microscopy – CC BY 2.0

The short answer is no. Our workforce has kept up with emerging technology but isn’t equipped with the skills to deal with mini-computers in every object we own. We need more people studying technology from programming to networking to data analysis. People with these skills already are in high demand and have the accompanying high salaries. Many are the ones starting the companies and making millions leading the technological revolution. The time to learn these skills is now… while nothing in life is guaranteed, by becoming an expert in a market relevant area of technology, you’re coming as close to punching your ticket to career success as you can get.

Reverse Tide wants to partner with aspiring learners in all aspects of Technology Education. Take a look at some of our current curriculums for more information and to get started today. The great news is that online education content in technology fields has eclipsed the quality of even the best traditional education institutions. We include such providers in the following curriculums:

Reverse Tide Online Education - Programming and Motivation
Programming and Motivation by Randall Degges – CC BY 2.0

For coding and programming, whether software, mobile applications, web, games, VR, or data we take some of the most common programming languages and articulate a recommended learning path. For more, check out Reverse Tide’s Programming Learning Path

The biggest driver of the internet’s success is the ability to take a significant amount of data and provide meaningful insights and action for its users. Data analysis is a skill in and of itself but is an extremely meaningful supplement in any technology learning path. For out recommended pathway, check out Reverse Tide’s Data Science & Analysis Learning Path


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