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About Reverse Tide Futurology

Reverse Tide’s “The Future” page gives futurology predictions and perspectives. A little more about us…

1 – Futurology for your benefit

The future can be scary because it’s unknown. You might hear dire predictions from politicians, business leaders, and many others. But this is wrong. The future shouldn’t be scary. So we provide a perspective meant to help you. We talk about what is likely to change and help you navigate these trends. Preparing in advance puts you at an advantage!

2 – Predictions.

Predicting the future is impossible. So we talk about all futurology subjects with logic and evidence. Most of our predictions will probably end up wrong or partially wrong. But at least we’re giving predictions to help you think. And we encourage you to disagree with us. Debate us. And help us form better predictions. The key objective is helping you develop a perspective and then prepare accordingly.

3 – It ties into everything else we do

All the subjects we talk about (virtual reality, biotech, etc) are subjects we provide learning paths for. When we get enthusiastic about a future technology, we want to help you learn it. We also talk about work, learning, and society’s future. And we back this up with resources and strategies to take advantage.

about reverse tide

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