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The Financial Impact of A Good Resume

Resumes are very rarely something you enjoy creating or updating. It’s a bit of a passing thought when you start looking for a job. You know that you need to update it for your latest experience and skills. You know that it needs to be perfect in terms of spelling and grammar. Some go the extra mile and get someone to review it or go to generic career sites to read the top 10 mistakes people make in their resume. Then once it’s “updated”, you start submitting it to various jobs. Fair enough. It’s not always fun to write something about yourself and the job application process can be miserable. We sympathize!

However, in this article, we want to think about resumes a little bit differently. We want you to get excited about them because of how substantial the financial impact might be. So let’s consider how to turn your resume into a true money-maker…

First, let’s use a few examples that are comparable…

  • Restaurants crave to get featured in the Michelin guide and if they get stars, they are virtually assuring themselves that bookings will fill up for weeks ahead of time. The Michelin star validates them as a great restaurant
  • An actor might gain fame and receive great reviews in his/her career. However, if they win an Academy award, they are instantly validated as one of the planet’s best actors. They probably won’t have to audition ever again
  • Airbnb has thousands of listings in each big city. However, if you have a 5 star average review, you know that tourists will be flocking to your property. No need to advertise heavily… they are doing the work for you and guaranteeing this to be a lucrative business
  • Going back to the professional world for a minute… it doesn’t matter if you were last in your graduating class… if you do in fact graduate, you’re still a doctor, lawyer, or any other certified professional. Nobody will ever question your credentials in your respective field

I could go on and on but by now you probably get the point. If you can unlock the goldenguestbook-1348096_640

qualification in your field and can properly display it so people see it, your professional/business future is easily secured. Now I fully recognize that most people reading this aren’t Michelin chefs, Academy award winning actors, or other famously accredited people. So how does the common person achieve the same effect?

The answer is clear… you need a top resume. And it’s not that difficult to achieve. It just requires effort and passion, like all our aforementioned examples. So how can you get there? A few recommended solutions…

1 – Make it stand out. Just like if you have an Academy award, you’d want that to be the very first thing people knew about your acting resume. So you should put significant effort into making sure your resume format is stand-out and then your key qualifications are equally stand-out. Be creative. This is huge. Too many people make the critical mistake of having a resume that physically looks like everyone else, with qualifications buried in text. You have to do better.

2 – Focus on qualifications!!! I can’t stress this enough. If you’re more worried about resume length or making sure you write bullet points on every responsibility or skill you’ve ever had, you’re missing the plot. Every job requires a few critical qualifications. Usually the employer even makes it easy and puts it in the job description. So rather than writing a biography, focus on exactly how you can help them do the job and achieve their goals. That’s it. Show you’re the most qualified person for the job. And if your qualifications aren’t at the requisite level, improve them until they are. There’s enough resources out there whether learning, experience, skills, ideas, or something else (and as a hint, that’s what Reverse Tide is all about).

3 – Replace everything you know about resumes with a proposal. Seriously. If the job is complex or requires an expert, you should focus about 10% on your past tiger-1526704_640experience. Everything else should be about how you can do the job better than anyone else. Some things a proposal contains but a resume typically does not…

  • How you would uniquely approach the job
  • The financial benefit of your work (vs the cost of your hire)
  • Ideas about how to improve the job description
  • Lessons learned about your previous experience doing similar roles (and how you’d apply them to this job)
  • Other resources required to do the job well
  • Why you’re most uniquely qualified

You’re probably wondering if we’re advocating to replace your resume with a business proposal and the answer is yes. The traditional things you might put in a resume can fit into a single section of the much better proposal

4 – Get a second opinion. Please don’t hire the generic resume reviews that won’t help you with qualifications or job specific advice. We’re talking about the people that are mostly just going to do a spelling and grammar check on your resume. Hire someone that understands the job and can help you with a custom application that includes a resume, proposal, portfolio, and marketing strategy to get the job (hint… Reverse Tide offers this here). However, getting some feedback and ideas from someone that knows what they’re talking about is really helpful and should easily pay for itself.

Ok so back to the financial impact of your resume. If you can do all of this successfully, you can probably measure the financial impact this effort actually had.

  • You might get proactively noticed, which can give you a salary increase (often substantial) without you doing any work.
  • You’re putting yourself in a top negotiating position where you won’t just accept the first offer that comes. Instead, you will be a top professional and be able to dictate what you’re paid (since you’re articulating your financial value so well)
  • Your time. How much is your time worth? Now think about how much time you waste by getting ignored by many companies or going through interviews only to get lowballed on an offer. Spend the time up front so it pays off later

If you raised your salary by $5k per year for a little extra resume effort and say you worked 20 more years, you’ve just made $100,000. That’s worth a little effort. So build a top resume, with top qualifications today. You won’t be sorry you invested your time, effort, and maybe even a little money now.

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