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Tech and Learning: What Skills Should You Choose?

When it comes to tech and learning, you have many options. Learning anything about modern technology is beneficial. And everyone will have different interests or goals. But the question is… what is the best tech topic to learn about?

Check out our infographic that articulates exactly this…

tech and learning

You’re probably wondering why we included each technology type and our rationale for each. Keep in mind that this is our opinion. Everyone would probably plot different skills along different points on the graph. And this is subject to change as new advancements are made or we’re proven right/wrong on our predictions.

The x-axis assesses the “ease of entry” for each skill. We think about it in terms of how easy it is to learn (quality and quantity of resources), job availability right now and into the future, barriers to entry, and investment in each field.

The y-axis assesses the “potential benefit” for each skill. This is based on the market demand/size, profitability, and our own predictions regarding its business opportunity.

So why did we plot each where we did? Let’s rationalize each so you can determine the tech and learning opportunities for these subjects…

Tech and Learning – Web development. 

This is an easy subject to learn. There are hundreds of great tutorials on web development, its programming languages, content management systems, and more. It’s also easy to enter. Any small business needs a website and it’s really easy to offer that service. Benefits, however, are limited. The market is pretty saturated in terms of web needs and people with the capability to do it. You probably won’t earn a fortune doing this.

Tech and Learning – Mobile development.

Our rationale is pretty similar here in terms of learning and entering this industry. Since mobile has been around a bit shorter time than web, it might have slightly less resources. But not much. Earning here is a bit limited as well. Most businesses have their own apps and app stores are so large that it’s hard for customers to find new releases.

Tech and Learning – Graphic design. 

This is a tech skill that has been around forever. Many have this skill and few are paying top dollar because of this. Because graphic design also involves artistic skills, it’s a little harder to learn than development.

We believe its potential benefits are starting to increase because of the emerging VR/AR markets. These will single-handedly propel good designers to increased success.

Tech and Learning – Data Science.

As we elevate in benefit, data science is one of the best skills to learn today. You can take this into any field, with some being completely revolutionized by big data and analytics. It’s not too difficult to learn. One way is to use Reverse Tide’s Data Science Learning Path. You can achieve advanced proficiency with a bit of hard work on our organized curriculum.

The benefit is strong too. You can apply data science to subjects like biotech, machine learning, and other emerging technologies. We have separate categories for these things. The reason we don’t list data science as high on the benefit scale is that a lot of people use it for basic analytics only. These are well-paying jobs but lack the same potential as the less mature fields we have elsewhere on this chart.

Tech and Learning – Networks.

This is another great choice. With the Internet of Things in full development, more businesses moving IT needs to the cloud, and cybersecurity needs higher than ever, you can’t go wrong here. You can have a really strong career in this field, as demand is so high. However, fortunes are comparatively difficult due to industry saturation. Bigger companies are strong in this space, with higher barriers to entry and larger learning requirements. We still think it’s a sold choice to get started with.

Tech and Learning – 2D Game Development.

Gaming is as popular as ever and you can definitely do well here. However, games are complex and often require a larger team to build. Likewise, we see 3D as the future of gaming. While you can have a nice career in game development, we see it as one of the less desirable places to get started today.

Tech and Learning – 3D Printing.

3D Printing is a really exciting technology. We see entire industries like manufacturing, construction, and packaging being significantly disrupted. And at some stage, we all might have our own 3D printer in homes and offices. Fortunes will definitely be made here.

The technology just isn’t here yet. We’re probably 10-20 years from seeing this scale for consumer purchase. And because we’re getting into the hardware space, there are sizable entry barriers. While it’s a solid subject to get involved with, we see greater opportunities elsewhere.

Tech and Learning – Robotics.

Hollywood has given us a good look into robotics and its vast potential. Advanced machines have already revolutionized various industries like manufacturing and agriculture. However, we haven’t yet achieved technology to sell to smaller businesses or consumers. Robotics will eventually replicate things that humans can do. In the near future, we’ll see shops, kitchens, and militaries make us of robots. And as the technology advances, expect it to go much further.

Because this is also a hardware play, entry barriers are high. It’s hard to learn robotics without advanced education. And getting started requires significant funding. However, because robots can do so much, there will be nearly unlimited opportunity for those that crack this industry.

Tech and Learning – Blockchain.

This is the technology we hear about most. With bitcoin’s incredible financial success, the industry is getting significant attention. While cryptocurrencies are major technologies by themselves, it’s the foundational blockchain that has more widespread potential.

The cool thing about blockchain is that anyone can learn and anyone can quickly get involved. Blockchain is a fully open technology that doesn’t require licensing or permission, and is fully distributed for all users to see its transactions. While the math behind it is complex and its infrastructure is in early stages, it’s very accessible to beginners. We see high potential in this technology and in today’s infant stages, the opportunity is anyone’s. See the video from Future Thinkers on how disruptive blockchain will be…

We think this is one of the best tech and learning opportunities out there!

Tech and Learning – AI.

Artificial intelligence is massive. By programming machines to learn like humans and emulate their behavior, the sky is the limit. Any activity that a human can do today is possible in AI. And machines can be programmed to be 1000x faster and probably smarter.

We’re seeing early returns on AI in terms of automation. Entire jobs and industries stand ready for automation. Which is why our chart has it as the highest potential benefit. Entry isn’t easy, however. This requires advanced programming and data science skills. Likewise, with all the major tech firms heavily invested, it isn’t easy to compete. But with so much opportunity, this is a highly recommended area to consider for learning. You can see our resources page under Reverse Tide’s Tech Pioneer Series – Artificial Intelligence

Tech and Learning – Augmented Reality.

Augmented reality and its close cousin, mixed reality, are right around the corner. This technology is exciting for many purposes. It allows you to combine the digital world with your real world. It is the first step toward eliminating the massive “screen” industry.

As exciting as we find augmented reality, we actually see it as an extension of our favorite on this list: virtual reality. You can see why in our article – No Augmented Reality Won’t Be Bigger Than Virtual Reality. Essentially, we believe these will merge into a single hardware device. While you’ll see some really cool advances in augmented reality, we just think VR is where mass consumer appeal lies. And it’s quite the high potential medium…

Tech and Learning – Virtual Reality.

We believe virtual reality is on par with the internet in terms of impact and economic opportunity. It will transform everything in our lives: entertainment, education, social, communication, work, industries, and more. As of this writing, we are only on VR’s first release. Like PCs and mobile phones, first releases are disappointing relative to their potential. But we know what those devices eventually accomplished.

Because we believe virtual reality is the next big thing, we have a lot of resources:

In terms of learning, this is a solid investment of your time. You are assuring yourself high success potential by obtaining these skills. We focus on development, design, and other VR career functions in our Tech Pioneer Series – Virtual Reality.

For understanding VR’s potential, we have a few areas to look at. Start with our VR Youtube video series and go into greater depth in our VR article series. We talk all about our predictions and how VR will impact various industries.

And for the business folks, we offer business services in the VR space. We’re putting our time and money where our mouths are. At RT Virtual Reality, we offer business services for those wanting to understand how businesses can benefit from investing in VR and entering the market.

Whether it’s ease of entry or benefit, virtual reality takes top prize in our predictions.

Tech and Learning – What We Omitted

Not every technology was included in our chart. We didn’t include general programming as that is foundational for all of these technologies. Therefore, if you want to start with that and then specialize, use our Programming Learning Path to make it easy.

We also omitted more specialized technology. Our list would be 100+ by including every future technology. So we kept things broader, with large categories that a mass audience would understand. In addition, anything that requires an advanced degree (engineering, physics, etc) was omitted.

Finally, we omitted industry-specific technology. Fintech, biotech, and other specific industries will make use of general programming and these other technologies to improve. So we left industries off our list.



As we said, there are many options in tech and learning these various subjects. You may disagree with what we suggested. And we’re happy to be proven wrong! Predictions are not an exact science and require subjective reasoning. So let us know what you think!

As you learn these subjects (hopefully with us!!!), you’ll also want the career resources to go along with it. See below for everything we offer at Reverse Tide. Learning subjects, career services, and partnership opportunities…

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