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Get REAL Experience as a Student

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Student job experience is tough. Most students don’t get real job or skill-based experience as part of their studies. We’ve seen enough student resumes to know this factually.

Traditional learning sources don’t emphasize experience at all. They emphasize sitting in a classroom, reading a textbook, listening to an academic speak, and taking tests. That is not how the real world works. That doesn’t translate to real skills and solving real world problems.

Getting an internship isn’t really experience either. The typical student internship is for 2 months in the summer. That’s not enough time to train someone to do a job and accomplish real activities. So it ends up being more of a job shadow program where the intern does menial tasks. Having worked with interns before, they lack the capability to meaningfully contribute and since their employment is so short-term it’s not worth the time to properly train them.

Students often work other jobs but it doesn’t translate to skilled work. Making sandwiches or pizzas, giving campus tours, bartending, and working at the local gym are easy. Anyone can do these things. This is not experience that will prepare them for business or industry jobs.

Upon graduating traditional learning programs, students are not prepared. Surveys from employers prove that they are not trained in the tangible skills to do the job and are not prepared for things like communication, critical thinking, problem solving, or leadership. Disagree? Look at the statistics from this article – Well Prepared In Their Own Eyes

The Roaming Student is different!!!

The Roaming Student has already gone out into the world and built interesting skills. Away from the sheltered campus and academic life, their experiences are more transferable to the job world. They can solve problems and creatively communicate with others because they’re in situations that demand these skills every day.

The Roaming Student studies tangible skills like programming, sales, languages, and more.

The Roaming Student gets true student job experience. They freelance with real clients. And then make real money.

Then when it comes to jobs, the Roaming Student has a full resume and some interesting stories. They will really stand out in the job market. And since they’re using Reverse Tide’s Career Services, they will have creative resumes and portfolios to prove their skills.


So consider becoming a Roaming Student for more than just the lifestyle. Don’t let others talk you into traditional education as the only way to build a career. It’s honestly an inferior choice UNLESS you have a very specialized career like medicine, engineering, science, etc in mind. You can build REAL experience and give yourself the choice of exactly what to do with it!