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Six Figure Jobs: A Possibility For Anyone

six figure jobs

Six figure jobs are actually quite rare around the world. Gallup did a comprehensive review and assessed the median household by country. As you can see, the typical household isn’t coming close to six figures. Only a handful of countries have a household median income of even half that. And their cost of living then jumps substantially.

According to Global Rich List, making $100,000 USD per year would place you in the upper 0.8% of worldwide earners.

The thing is, six figure jobs are very possible. It takes hard work and improving skills, However, anyone can make it happen with time dedication and an internet connection.

And that’s a pretty crazy thing to consider. We’re at a stage of existence where anyone could earn an upper 1% salary. Regardless of where you were born, where you’re located now, your age, or any other attribute. So how do you get these six figure jobs?

The best way is through a tech field. By learning to code, you open the door to so much potential opportunity for the rest of your life. Consider…

Virtual reality is creating a new world. Everything that exists in the real world can hypothetically be built by programmers in the virtual world. Entertainment, social, communication, education, and so much more will be built here. This will soon create an unbelievable demand for good programming skills.

Artificial intelligence will automate entire industries and jobs. Again, we need an entire class of programmers to build and maintain these systems.

Every tangible item will soon be a computer. All the items in our household. Every electronic. The systems in our house (heating/cooling, water temperature and pressure, door locks, garages, security systems, etc). Our cars and other transportation devices. All the parts in a machine. Pretty much everything (via the Internet of Things). This means that pretty much every company will need programmers to primarily design the product, capture data, maintain its performance, and continue upgrading it over time.

Data scientists and engineers will soon dominate the health care industry. The ability to capture everything the body does is not too far away. And when it does, you will be able to monitor every aspect of your health, diagnose issues, and treat them by using data science. Tech specialists will be the industry stars.

As huge as these other things are, it doesn’t even consider some of the entire industries that are emerging from scratch. Robotics. Drone technology. 3D Printing. These are multi-billion dollar industries and barely exist today (yet). But they are nearly guaranteed to be prominent in the future, with programmers and engineers leading the charge.

This is why Reverse Tide believes HALF of all job opening will require technology skills and most prominently programming. 

And when you consider that programmers are often making in the $100k range, you can see it’s quite possible for you to do it.

So how do you learn? We will show you. Start with Reverse Tide’s Programming Learning Path. This will show you the best methods to get started and then as you start specializing, the best sources to learn. We will show you how to get project experience, how to do some freelancing gigs, and then how to make this a full-time career.

We think a committed learner can start earning good money through freelancing after about 6 months. And we think you can get a job within 1-2 years. It takes commitment and hard work. Of course you need good performance. And it takes talent. But it is very doable. With so much demand, even an average programmer can do quite well.

If you don’t want to code, earning top dollar is possible in many other ways. Data science (whether technical or through business analysis) is a good way. Marketing or Sales is a good way. Click any of these links to get the top learning and career materials (all online and via cost-effective means).

Going into engineering or medicine is great (despite the more intense training/schooling).

Regardless of what you choose, it is possible for ANYONE! It all starts with your qualifications and resume. That is what Reverse Tide does. We help you build the most important skills and then turn those skills into high-paying, exciting, and relevant careers through our job guides (resumes, cover letters, interviewing, freelance sales, professional portfolios, and 1 on 1 career consultations). Take a look at our Career Services for all the details.

We want you to get six figure jobs, be in the upper 1%, and have a career you love. We are here to help with all the learning and career guides to help you get there.

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