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Resume Review By Reverse Tide

Dan, founder of Reverse Tide, is giving time each day to providing a resume review!

We will review your resume and offer practical feedback to improve qualifications, resume formatting, targeted wording, and many other helpful tips/resources. Our goal is to work with you on building the best resume among your peers and help you get that next great job!


Resume Review

Resume Review – Frequently Asked Questions

1- What services does the resume review include?

The $150 is a really good price point compared to many other competitors, and we’re confident the value you’ll receive is multiples better than anyone else is offering. After purchasing this service and then filling out our questionnaire, we’ll respond back within 5 business days with a customized assessment of your resume. It’s hard to tell you exactly where YOU specifically will need help but the common things we offer feedback on are:

  • Making your resume stand out to employers with creative formats
  • Ensuring you’re talking about your qualifications with impact
  • Any qualifications gaps you might have and an action plan to resolve them
  • Increasing the chances a human will read your resume (rather than being filtered out by software)
  • General edits (spelling, grammar, word choice, and including the right information)
  • Showing more innovation within your resume
  • Really anything else you think you need help with specifically


2 – Why are you qualified to help me with my resume?

I’ve been on both sides of hiring – employer and employee. This includes many multi-million dollar business proposals to C-Suite level hirers (and being quite successful with them). It includes hiring and working internationally, making me very familiar with global applicants and employers. I’ve worked in many different industries and many different functions so have first-hand experience directly within industry. I’ve seen thousands of resumes and know what is appealing and what is not (and hint, most resumes are not too impressive). And I’ve created and authored everything you see on Reverse Tide… all the articles, curriculums, courses, and more.

But enough about me… I’d rather focus on you. I want to listen to you and understand what your goals are (both short and long term), what you have questions about, and what your unique experience gives you the capability to do. You have value to offer and my goal is to extract that value and market it well within your resume.


3 – Can you guarantee I’ll get my dream job?

Absolutely not. Any career advisor that offers guarantees should be avoided. The fact is, you have to be qualified for your position and you have to compete against many other qualified people. And that’s exactly what I want to help you achieve. Rather than focusing on the cosmetic things and giving broad advice (like 99% of career coaches do), I want to help you express the specific value you bring to the table, make sure you get noticed by employers, and win the job. I want to give you an honest assessment of your qualifications and where you can improve (the things you’re potentially getting rejected by employers for but aren’t getting feedback on).

This is not magic… you’ll have to put some effort into it. But I am confident that you’re vastly increasing your chances of landing a dream job if we work together on your resume. Getting your dream job should be our joint goal.


4 – What if I want more than just a resume review?

We offer two other products…

  • The first will go beyond just the resume and look at all the materials associated with your job application. This includes your professional portfolio, your cover letter, any business proposal you attach, your LinkedIn profile, and anything specific you plan to attach in your job applications. You can find this here
  • The second offers career coaching services. This is where you have the opportunity to speak with me (Dan) directly for up to an hour on either Skype or phone. You can dig into your career goals and focus more on your strategy rather than solely an assessment of the materials. You can find more details here


4b – What if I have follow-ups after the resume review?

This happens a lot. For basic questions/clarifications we’re happy to answer.

For something more substantial, we have options for this. We give you a pretty comprehensive package in reviewing your resume but sometimes you want to make adjustments and have it re-reviewed, and other times you have detailed questions that take us into a full consultation. If you purchase the resume review first and then afterwards decide you want more, we can offer this. We’ll give you instructions on what to do in this scenario (you’d send us an email at careerconsult@reversetide.com and we would send you the product page). It’s slightly more expensive to do them sequentially as a warning.


5 – I’m on the fence if this is right for me. Can you help me decide?

I’m sure you’re not excited to spend money on resume services. However, the job application process is both stressful and competitive. Just having someone to give you a second opinion has value. But we promise to offer you the quantity, quality, and innovative advice you won’t find anywhere else. A resume can have a huge financial impact on your chances of landing a job and the quality of the jobs you seek. So we think this is the type of investment in yourself that pays for itself many times over!


6 – Do you offer refunds?

You can see our refund policy in Section XIX of the service’s Terms & Conditions (can be seen at the bottom of the form below)


7 – Any free samples of consultations?

Haha sorry but we offer so many free things on this website so we hope it’s a good indication of the thought, creativity, and style we have to offer.


8 – Ok this sounds great. What is the process to start the resume review?

Scroll down to the form. Here you answer a few questions, attach your resume, and submit it. This will take you to a payment area.

Once you buy via paypal, we’ll send you a welcome email articulating all the steps so it’s very clear. We will a few days to thoroughly review all your materials and provide written feedback. We might even throw a personalized video in there as well. Maybe a few other things. When the time comes, we’ll send you the full feedback package to your email. This will be great for most people, as everything should be explained in plenty of detail. However, if you have other questions, you’ll have our email. If you then want to upgrade to a consult or do a secondary resume/portfolio review, we’ll provide those instructions at that time. When it’s all over, we’ll send you a feedback form and that will be it!

The process is simple but we’re there to communicate if it ever gets complex!

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