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Today’s Top Skills #5: Project Management

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This article is part of a series in which Reverse Tide explores some of the most critical skills in today’s economy. While not every job necessarily requires such skills, these are some of the most in-demand generic skills found on job postings and employer wish lists. For those of you looking to expand your career, make yourself more attractive to prospective employers, or learn some of the most topical skills, we will explain why we believe these are so important. 

Think about the latest event you attended… perhaps a wedding, graduation, large party, charity event, concert. If you’re in the audience of this event, you attend and are entertained, and then leave. It’s all pretty simple for you. However, ensuring that the event met expectations, occurred on-time, and had no major interruptions/incidents is an unbelievable amount of work! Let’s assume your event is a political fundraiser. In order for this event to be successful, you need to market the event in advance to ensure attendance. Then you need to sell tickets. You need to coordinate food and drink and secure a venue fit for the occasion. You need to secure speakers and everything else that goes into it (lighting, sound, etc). You need to coordinate schedules to ensure a professional agenda will meet audience expectations. This is probably only half of the things that need to be coordinated to near perfection, or you risk disappointment from attendees and organizers.

In this example, if you are the project managers, you are coordinating all the different people responsible for each segment of the event. If one person doesn’t perform their job, is late, or has any other major problem, it can doom the event. Definitely an important job! However, this event touches people in all types of jobs, businesses, and more. Everyone needs to understand how to stay organized and perform to the expectations of the event.

Events are an easy example. However, project management is a daily necessity in virtually any industry, business, or job. Some people may be asked to assume a project manager type role, while others will simply be part of the project’s many moving parts. Reverse Tide believes that getting familiar with and qualified in project management is valuable for most careers but also has secondary benefits in terms of organization skills, big picture thinking, communication skills, and much more.

Let’s first think about all the different types of projects a common business might have:

  • Launching a new business, product, or service
  • Improving or changing a business process
  • Expanding to a new market
  • Opening a new location or moving to a new one
  • Complying with new laws or regulations
  • Upgrading or replacing technology
  • Events of any type (from
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    department meetings to shareholder events to team events)

  • Closing the books for earnings, taxes, financial statements, and eventually reporting
  • Research & development
  • Mergers, acquisitions, etc
  • Expanding to new customers, suppliers, etc
  • A long sales process

We could probably go on all day with more examples. However, in summary, project management covers any initiative above and beyond business as usual activity. All these examples require the main steps of project management:

  1. Proposing the new project and why it is important
  2. Performing due diligence and formally approving the project
  3. Defining all the steps and requirements to successfully implement the project
  4. Conducting the design, build, or development prior to implementation
  5. Testing to ensure the new initiative will be successful upon launch
  6. Launch the project
  7. Post-implementation support to ensure smooth transition into business as usual

We at Reverse Tide strongly encourage you to get involved in Project Management. It is a great field if you actually want to be a project manager, portfolio manager, or project analyst, as jobs are plentiful as long as businesses are changing, expanding, and upgrading (aka always!). Perhaps your route to this job is through PMP or PMI-ACP certification. Perhaps it’s to manage a personal project or small project at work and leverage your learning into a more defined PM career path.

If you don’t have interest in that job description, the skill itself is valuable. Learn how to perform adequate analysis into the worthiness of a project, how to write detailed requirements for anyone to follow, and manage a complex event with many moving parts. A typical business project involves almost every function: marketing, finance, HR, IT, supply chain, quality control, management, risk, operations, and more. We think those skills would be helpful to your daily efforts and routine interactions with professional projects in your workplace.

Let us know if you have any questions about how to apply these skills!

To get started in our curriculum, check out Reverse Tide Project Management today! Enjoy, and best of luck in your learnings!

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