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The Business Proposal – Reverse Tide’s Comprehensive Guide



Sometimes you’re applying for a job (full-time, freelance) or your company is submitting a bid and you know you’d be able to offer a lot of value. You know exactly how to do the job and can offer a lot of perspective and experience in extracting maximum benefit from the project. These are the cases where writing a business proposal can really help you.

Very few people write proposals. They offer their resume, pricing, and a few brief notes about what their services entail. But the detail is sparse or non-existent. A business proposal explains exactly how you’ll do the job and why that will lead to a great outcome for the company. It gives a hirer so much more confidence. Long story short, you should be doing business proposals for every job you apply for and reaping some massive rewards for doing so.

This is the type of guide that if used correctly, can pay for itself many times over!


Business Proposal Guide Preview

What do we cover in the business proposal guide? Our preview video explores…

Business Proposal Guide Details…

1 – What does this business proposal guide include?

– The contents and format of a proposal
– How to make it really good
– Tons of examples of what a great proposal looks like
– We will give tons of outstanding resources for you to make your proposals great.

2 – You say this guide pays for itself. How so?

A good business proposal can be worth millions. Even if you’re not proposing that level of work, it’s often the difference between winning or losing a job, partnership, project, or other business outcome. $25 is a small sum to pay for something so financially valuable.

3 – Why is this guide better than the other ones I see?

There are very few good proposal guides out there. The ones that do exist are very simplistic and theoretical. This guide is much more than that. We give three detailed examples of how we actually construct a business proposal to a real job. We give you realistic tips on how to assemble and format the proposal. And we give tons of other great resources as well.

4 – What format is the guide in? 

Video! This is the best way but we give a few other goodies as well.

5 – Ok, how do I buy it?

Click the buy button. Sign up. Pay with paypal (accepting credit cards). Come back via the link provided or link below for access to the guide.

6 – What if I need more custom help with my business proposal?

This is possible. Sign up for our personalized services and we’re happy to review your proposal more specifically. By purchasing this guide, you get 20% off so another reason it pays for itself!


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