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Freelance Sales: Increase Gig Quantity & Quality



Being a freelancer is great with the freedom and flexibility it allows. Most people opt to become freelancers by choice and wouldn’t go back to any other job arrangement once they’ve done it. However, the biggest concern for freelancers is maintaining high volume, consistent sales so they’re always working and earning well.

The goal is to have the flexibility but also to have a consistent income stream. That’s where we come in. This guide will help you improve your sales win rate, get higher quality and better paying work, and to have a much better freelance sales strategy.

This is the type of guide that if used correctly, can pay for itself many times over!


Freelance Sales Guide Preview

For a preview of our freelance sales guide, see the video below…

Freelance Sales Guide Details…

1 – What Does This Freelance Sales Guide Include?

– A successful sales strategy
– Becoming ultra qualified
– Marketing your services
– Proactively selling
– Negotiating like a pro.

It also includes the entire Business Proposal Guide for FREE, as proposals are so important to freelance selling success. This course look holistically at freelance sales and everything required to succeed… the idea is that this is the resource that will help you make a lot more money.

2 – You say this guide pays for itself. How so?

If you win one more freelance gig, the guide probably pays for itself. But since this this sets up a holistic and sustainable freelance sales strategy, we expect it to pay for itself MANY TIMES.

3 – Why is this guide better than the other ones I see?

There aren’t too many comprehensive guides like this on the internet. There might be some generic articles but nothing is going into as much depth with proven sales strategies. We’ve looked at our competitors and are confident this guide is both more comprehensive and higher quality.

4 – How is the guide taught?

Mostly via video but we also have a few other resources as well.

5 – Ok, how do I buy it?

Just like most sites. We use paypal. So checkout with the button above, sign up with a username and password, pay, and click the guide’s link (see below).

6 – What if I need more custom help with my freelance sales?

We’re happy to offer this. We review job application materials, proposals, and qualifications on a custom basis so we can target the jobs that are important to you and determine how your sales strategy can improve relative to this job. You’ll find the link to this at the bottom of our guide’s main page. And the good news is that we give you 20% off these services!


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