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The Resume Guide: Be Innovative & Get Top Jobs



Do you want a resume that will stand out in a stack of hundreds? Do you want a resume that proactively gives an employer all the information they want to know? Do you want a resume that makes you look like the best professional possible? Our resume guide helps you do all of this!

Having read many resumes in my career, I can tell you that very few are doing these things successfully. So we have created this resume guide to help you do better. I’m confident this is the best resume guide on the internet and something anybody can use to get a better job, make more money, and achieve greater career prospects.

This is the type of guide that if used correctly, can pay for itself many times over!


Resume Guide Preview

Resume Guide – Details…

1 – What does this resume guide include? 

A lot! We focus on helping you:

– Stand out from other applicants
– Format it more creatively
– The important resume sections and what to include
– Customize for what employers want
– Pass the gatekeepers
– Other tips that help you get your target job, with tons of examples

2 – You say this guide pays for itself. How so? 

Say you make $50k per year…

– Every day you’re delayed getting a job costs you at least $137.
– If you get a 10% increase in compensation, you’re earning $5,000 extra per year.
– And if you get several interested employers, your negotiating power goes through the roof

Our guide is proven to work at getting you better jobs, much quicker – All for only $50.

It also pays for itself in all the other discounts you get. 50% off our other career guides and 20% off a personalized resume review.

3 – Why is this guide better than the other ones I see? 

There are tons of resume services out there. But most we’ve seen aren’t actually helping job applicants. Other services:

– Don’t focus on getting you noticed or impress recruiters.
– Are plain outdated with no modern ways to apply or prove qualifications
– Don’t include 15 eye-catching templates.
– Only do basic edits and advice. We focus on qualifications and what employers want!
– It’s a bit shocking how low quality most other services are. We are different!

4 – What format is the resume guide in?

We mostly teach via video. However, we also have lots of other articles and resources as well. The 15 templates are downloadable Powerpoint style. We have lots of other articles and resources.

5 – How do I buy it?

It’s pretty simple. Pay for it via paypal. Once you pay, it will prompt you to sign up for a username/password. Do this. Then follow the link you get on the product confirmation page. That’s it. Very simple.

6 – What if I need more custom help after finishing my resume? 

We’re happy to offer this. We review resumes only, resumes and other application materials, or can give a personalized career consult. You’ll find the link to this at the bottom of our guide’s main page. And the good news is that we give you 20% off any of these services!


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