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Marketing Job Application: How To Get The Job


The marketing job application can be tough. You need to prove your skills and compete with significant competition. But we’re here to help! We want to help with everything about the job application: resume, portfolio, your qualifications, and more. All customized for marketing!

– How to write more impactful qualifications
– Giving a marketing hirer what they want
– The things to emphasize for marketing qualifications more specifically
– How you can prove your marketing qualifications rather than just state them

For such a low price, we’re confident this guide pays for itself if you put it into practice.


Why Buy The Marketing Job Application Guide?

1) Marketers sorely need this!

We receive a marketing job application every few hours. And 99% of them aren’t good. Too many people rely on outdated ways of applying and methods that don’t resonate with marketing employers. We’ll talk about the qualifications you need and how to communicate them to maximize your chances at getting the job.

2) You will stand out from your peers.

This guide is about making your marketing job applications unique and impactful. Standing out is a pretty good thing in the marketing world right?

3) Apply your learning.

If you’ve taken our Marketing Learning Path, this is aimed at finishing what you started and using the tools from your learning. Our learning path is outcome focused and getting a job is the outcome we strive for. This completes that journey. And if you haven’t taken it, we have tons of learning resources to supplement your qualifications and make you successful in the marketing career world.

4) This price is quite cheap compared to the value you can gain.

If you get a job just one day sooner or if you get a higher paying job, the financial gain from that will look like pocket change compared to our price. We expect this to pay for itself many times over (or in marketing speak, the ROI is substantially high!)

5) Bonus Discounts.

To add a little bonus gift on top, we give you a substantial discount on all our other career services (resumes, interviews, portfolios, and more) from buying this guide. So yes, it quite literally pays for itself!

Within this guide, we’ll cover the topic with videos and exclusive articles. So get started today!

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