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Founder Dan here. Thanks for coming to our “Partnership” page. I am actively looking for many partners of many different backgrounds and skill-sets. Some things are side initiatives and others are dedicated endeavors, however, the common theme is partnering with motivated and talented people who share a common vision with what we do at Reverse Tide. Please get into contact ( if you have any questions, ideas, or want to discuss any of these topics in more detail!

We have five categories of partnership opportunity: sales/marketing, virtual reality, content, education / training, and real estate (with Dan). Click each to get all the details…

marketing partner

Marketing / Sales Partners

Marketing and sales skills are amazing talents and we recognize that at Reverse Tide. Whether you want to help us with marketing on the side or want to partner on a large endeavor, we have tons of ideas.

We know you can be successful because we have designed great offerings in highly demanded markets. So partner with us and let’s accomplish something great!

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virtual reality partnership

Virtual Reality Partners

Reverse Tide offers business and strategy services to companies interested in the world’s most exciting technology, virtual reality. We help with market assessments, custom strategies, business case creation, and content development.

We are looking for businesses or government partners that want to build something amazing in virtual reality or individuals that want to be part of this endeavor. This market has unlimited potential and we’d love to prove that to you.

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content partnership

Content Partners

We are seeking partners to create amazing content. This might include articles, research, podcast, interviews, media, products, and services.

We all benefit from a good content partnership and we’d love to collaborate with other talented people that share our vision and goals!

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education and training

Education / Training Partners

We are seeking partnerships with education institutions, corporations, and governments to create amazing learning content. Education is primed to change drastically in the coming years and plan to be at the forefront of it.

We are looking to form joint ventures with these institutions to create and distribute innovative education content.

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reverse tide real estate

Real Estate Partners

Outside of Reverse Tide, founder Dan is seeking real estate partners. He has identified opportunities in the accommodation industry and wants highly motivated, experienced people to help him.

Whether you’re a deal broker, existing accommodation owner or manager, or just love the vision, we’d love to talk to you about various partnerships.

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