Thanks for visiting! We are seeking partners across a wide range of initiatives. To be very clear, we have no interest in hiring employees. We don’t want someone sitting around waiting for orders and for the work day to finish. Instead, we want motivated people seeking to achieve great things, with an appreciation for our vision. We want partners that will share in our successes.

Here’s how this works. We are going to outline various visions and ideas in this post. These are things we are planning to do but seek the right people to join us in realizing that vision. All are focused on sales / marketing initiatives. We just need help from people with proficiency in selling.

If you like what we’re suggesting, like what Reverse Tide does, and think you might be interested in helping, get into contact with us at We are very friendly and open-minded. As we discuss these ideas in more details, we might reach a deal. At that point, we can figure out terms. So please don’t be shy if you think this might be you or you have alternate ideas.

Without further ado… here’s what we’re looking for:

1 – Selling our Career Services products/services.

We offer 16 career products and 3 personalized career service options. These are the types of things that can help anyone! We just need to spread the word and get them in people’s hands. We believe they pay for themselves many times over by helping people get better and higher paying jobs. So we want your help in selling them. There are a few options for how to do this…

Join our Affiliate Program. This is the easiest way. It’s risk and burden free for anyone that does it. Effectively, if you know someone looking for a job, you can send one of our unique links to them. And if they sign up, you get 30% of whatever they buy! And if you want to build awareness further, there’s no limit to how much you can earn. All this to help people. There’s no downside to trying and if you put a lot of effort into it, you can do quite well. For more details – see our Youtube series explaining the program or for all details including sign-up, navigate to our Affiliate Program Info Page 

Business Referrals. Businesses are also fully open to our 30% offer. Say you’re a language school or coding bootcamp and your students need help in job placement. Promote our products and you earn for helping them. If you have a blog on any subject, promote our products and earn by helping your audience. If you’re a career coach but think we cover topics you don’t, refer your customers to us and we’ll compensate you for it. Whatever reasoning you have, we’re happy to work with businesses indirectly through our affiliate program OR on a more custom basis.

Custom content. If we can reshape content into something that better serves your customers (exclusive content, custom content, etc), we’re happy to do it. We can share in whatever revenue you generate from that.

2 – Marketing on our behalf.

We do something unique that no other company does. We’re happy to extend the same offer (30% referral) but allow you to use OUR website and social media accounts to do it. So you can Tweet or publish Facebook posts under Reverse Tide’s handle. If someone buys based on your marketing effort (using those links), you make 30% from each sale. Or perhaps you want to publish an article on our website or on our Medium account. Or perhaps you want to build/use our email list to sell. Same deal. There’s no limit to what you can do.

Obviously there are guidelines for acceptable content and we want highly talented and trustworthy people. But if you think you can sell our products/services over our accounts, we’d love to work with you on it. So get into contact and tell us your ideas today!


3 – Sell consulting work for us. 

We have a number of business to business consulting services we offer. You can talk to us about approaching external companies on our behalf and collecting referral fees for each sale. This might be more of an equity partnership or could be a revenue share agreement. Here are the consulting services we offer…

Virtual Reality. At our sister site – RT Virtual Reality – we detail all the services we offer. Here’s a snapshot of this:

virtual reality services

If you think you can help us sell these services to other businesses, we’d love to discuss partnering in this endeavor. Take a look at RT Virtual Reality and make sure you understand our perspective and what we offer. But if you share these visions, we’d love to deploy sales partners to market it on our behalf!

Education Consulting. We talk often about traditional education’s many weaknesses. Our intent is never to tear down education institutions but to point out the many opportunities they can improve upon. We’ve developed a good alternative for certain students in business, technology, and marketing subjects. And we think we can help education companies improve their offerings to make it even better. Among the thing we can do…

  • Focus on a more futuristic business model
  • Leverage technology like online learning, distance learning, and virtual/augmented reality
  • Connect curriculums to better career outcomes
  • Help improve career services offices and offerings
  • Better education planning and policies for the modern student
  • Much more

If you have contacts or sales capability in this space, we’d love to work with you. We’d share any sale made to universities, training companies, learning institutions, governments, or corporate L&D departments. We just need the sales talent to help us find new clients in this industry.

4 – A General Partnership

If we can find someone talented that shares our overall vision, we’d love to partner more officially. Think you can help improve our strategy? Think you can manage Reverse Tide on a more official basis? Good, we want your help.

If you are a bit more dedicated and have shown great ideas, a common vision, and actual results, we’d be open to a full partnership. This might be a higher percentage revenue share on ALL our activities. And equity might even be on the table.

It’s rare that a company publicly announces this. But if you can add value, we’re open to any arrangement. But we want leaders and go-getters. Someone that can propose what they’re going to achieve and work to make it happen. This is not employment. It’s partnership!


Conclusion… This is all for now but as you can see, a lot of opportunities to partner with us on a number of different initiatives. If nothing in sales / marketing sounds appealing or consistent with your skill-set but you’re still motivated, share our vision, are and capable of producing high quality outcomes for us… there are more areas you can help. Click each for those respective partnership opportunities…

Virtual Reality


Education / Training

Real Estate

Thanks a lot and we look forward to hearing from you!