We are seeking joint ventures and partnerships with businesses, learning institutions, and governments when it comes to education and training topics. This page will provide details on how we’d prefer to partner and what we offer.

If any of these things sound interesting and you’d like to discuss further, let us know at contact@reversetide.com.

So here are the partnerships we’re looking for:

1 – Learning Content

We strongly believe that the common classroom education model is outdated in our modern society. It worked well for a long time because education was delivered under a localized model. However, technology has revolutionized the possibilities for learning content, distribution, and collaboration. This has massive ramifications for childhood education, business training, adult skill development, and any other form of learning.

So we want to help organizations accomplish this through outstanding learning content. Leveraging the latest technology and most proven education methods, RT wants to partner with those aspiring to be on the cutting-edge of education.

Why us? Our entire business model is based on “the best way to learn”. We’ve developed experiential learning paths that work for the self-study student. However, not everyone likes independent learning. So our next step is partnering with the organizations that already deliver education/training and improve it using today’s most innovative resources. We’re on the front lines of digital education, virtual reality, and other modern concepts.

So what would we offer to a Learning Content partnership?

  • The most important skills/subjects for the modern economy
  • The ideal curriculum for subjects in technology, business, and marketing
  • Utilizing today’s most innovative technology to deliver learning outcomes
  • Pairing teachers with developers, designers, and tech-based content creators
  • Building a profitable business model using these innovative approaches

For more examples, check out our video on services we wish to provide…


You have the students. You have an established education delivery mechanism. We have the strategy and content to modernize it and deliver superior outcomes (for both business and student). And we’re committed to doing it in a profitable, future-driven way.

Please contact us if you want to discuss this in further detail. We can bring value to universities and other schools, corporate training and continuing education, government education programs, and tech learning companies.

2 – Learning Distribution

Our ultimate ambition is to be a learning distributor. There’s no sense in hiding it. While we exist as a learning and careers site today and link other people’s content, this is only the preliminary stage of Reverse Tide’s story.

So what will this look like?

Pretty simple. We want to create amazing content and deliver it to students around the world. We envision using VR/AR as a means for a lot of that content. We plan to get involved in real estate so we can deliver in-person content. And we want this to be more than just 18-22 year old programs but adult learning programs for all subjects, all ages, and anyone who wants to take advantage

We see two ideal partners for this. First, we think that large corporations should make this investment themselves (and partner with Reverse Tide to do it). You can see our reasoning for this in – Why A Big Tech Company Will Create a University

Second, we think governments should invest in this. Imagine being the Silicon Valley of education. You host the best teachers and learning technology distribution in your city. You attract students from around the world and then feed jobs into your local economy upon “graduation”. The economic justification for that is game-changing for any government willing to make the investment. And we’d like to help make it happen.

Anyone interested in partnering to achieve this vision should contact us. It’s a gigantic opportunity.


Conclusion… If nothing in education/learning sounds appealing or consistent with your skill-set but you’re still motivated, share our vision, and are capable of producing high quality outcomes for us… there are more areas you can help. Click each for those respective partnership opportunities…

Marketing / Sales

Virtual Reality


Real Estate

Thanks a lot and we look forward to hearing from you!