Content has emerged as one of the best ways to market one’s businesses and engage customers. It has benefits in SEO and allows businesses to expand their networks. In addition, as businesses collaborate on content, it allows them to create more content and fill product/service gaps through that partnership.

We want to work with others on creating outstanding content at either of our businesses: Reverse Tide or RT Virtual Reality. We’ve listed some of our ideas in the video and article below but are open to any number of possibilities. If you are interested, let us know at

So let’s discuss exactly what we’re looking for:

1 – Collaboration with Individuals

We produced a video to talk to you more directly about our content collaboration ideas. Here it is…

As the video notes, we’d love to hear from you. These things would all be really helpful for us and we know you can benefit from partnering as well.


2 – Business Content Partnerships

We would also love to partner with other businesses. We have a few in mind but are flexible if other great ideas emerge. Here are a few we have considered…

Blogs. Bloggers are experts in their field and develop an audience of loyal listeners. They trust that blog with valuable information on a particular subject. We would love to find a way to partner in various endeavors. How? Say you’re a blogger about technology. We talk about technology predictions all the time. And we have a lot of content about learning tech skills. There is opportunity to collaborate on content that helps both of our audiences. Maybe an interview on a specific topic. Maybe it’s an article about future job trends in tech. There are many possibilities. The same goes for many other blog subjects. At Reverse Tide, we have a lot of expertise on subjects like freelancing, business, tech, jobs, travel, virtual reality, and more. So we’d love to work with your blog/website!

Language schools. Language schools provide a valuable service by helping people learn new languages. They have a network of people that have learned or are currently learning. This ties in nicely with Reverse Tide. Since people are likely learning that language to go live or work in a new country, we have resources that help such people. We might be able to help the language school with business or career terminology lessons. Or perhaps we can provide career services to students at that school. We would love to work with language schools on such endeavors! It benefits all of us but most of all, the students.

Coding bootcamps. The same rationale goes for coding bootcamps. They are exceptional at teaching students the raw programming skills. But we can help with career services (writing good resumes, building top portfolios, etc). We can also help with ideas on how to use their new coding skills: which jobs they should consider, who is hiring, how to get good experience in freelancing, etc.

Universities. We would love to work with existing universities. We’ve held them accountable for less than stellar performance in terms of cost and outcome. But we don’t want to see them fall out of favor. We just want to help them identify their weaknesses so they can adapt in a changing world. The business model that worked 50 years ago is only barely hanging on and is under threat from technology, rising costs, and more accessible education options. We want to work with universities and produce learning content and a business that works into the future. We want to help them attract top student talent and expand their offerings to fit the modern world. We can form a very powerful content partnership this way.

More businesses. That’s not all. We’d love to work with other companies on their training programs and continuing education. We’d love to work with them on how they recruit top talent. We’d love to work with them on creating amazing virtual reality content. We do a lot of things and would love to work with businesses of all types. Let us know if you have any great ideas!

3 – Governments partnerships.

We would love to work with governments that care about the well-being of their citizens. We do a lot of work in the education space. We have a lot of ideas about how to best leverage virtual reality. And we can help your government with the right technology and infrastructure investments to improve your workforce and economy for future trends. We want to work directly with you on these topics. Let us know how we can help solve your unique challenges!


4 – Media.

Finally, we are very open to spreading our content through media appearances. Dan is very willing to appear in various media forums to discuss what we’re doing at Reverse Tide and some of the perspectives we have about education, careers, and future trends. See our media page for all the details on what we offer!


Conclusion… If nothing in content sounds appealing or consistent with your skill-set but you’re still motivated, share our vision, and are capable of producing high quality outcomes for us… there are more areas you can help. Click each for those respective partnership opportunities…

Marketing / Sales

Virtual Reality

Education / Training

Real Estate

Thanks a lot and we look forward to hearing from you!