This is not a Reverse Tide partnership but the opportunity to partner with founder Dan on a side project of his. But this is a partnership that has immense potential.

If you like this proposal, email Dan at Any further activity on this proposal will not be branded or fall under Reverse Tide’s entity. It would be an entirely separate business. I am just using the website to seek interested parties.

So let’s discuss exactly what I’m looking for:

1 – Modern Accommodation

Hotels are a bit outdated. They worked well for a long time but the industry needs to innovate in appealing to a modern customer. I (Dan) travel nine months a year and have stayed in hundreds of accommodation types (chain hotels, boutique hotels, apartments, condos, houses, resorts, hostels, corporate housing, and more). Each property I’ve stayed in has left far too much potential on the table. And I want to change that!

I want to build a hotel that takes the strengths from all those accommodation types and positions for today’s modern traveler. This video is 25 minutes long but goes into detail on what the “Modern Accommodation” is and why it is such a great opportunity:

As you can see, there is plenty of opportunity here. And as I alluded to in the video, I have done a lot more work in this space. I have a detailed financial model, have identified multiple properties that fit this model and are currently for-sale, and have significantly more detail on how to make this vision profitable for new and existing properties.

I need partners to bring this vision to life. I’m confident you’ll love the specifics behind this business model and it will achieve great success. So I seek three different partner types:

1 – Deal Brokers. If you have real estate and/or hotel experience, I’d love to talk to you. I’m seeking people that can partner and create this business model. This is not employment, this is an equity partnership. I want people that can help broker all the deals that would make the Modern Accommodation a reality. My expertise is on the strategy, operating model, financial, and management side but need people on the deal side to make it happen. Contact me if you like this and want to discuss further!

2 – Existing Hotel Properties. I am also open to arrangements with existing hotel properties. Using the exact same principles, I can help new hotels or ones that need a makeover. My services extend to anyone that owns or manages a hotel or other accommodation type (condos, hostels, corporate housing, co-live spaces, Airbnb dwelling owner, etc). Some of the improvements offered include

  • Revenue maximization
  • Marketing to modern customer segments
  • Facilities optimization
  • Business model adjustments
  • Operating efficiency
  • Designing your space for a futuristic traveler
  • Much more

There are many ways to make this viable financially. I’d prefer a profit share arrangement for any additional profits added. But if you get into contact, we can figure out the best way to make this happen.

3 – Other. If you love the vision and have another way of helping implement this, I’d love to hear from you. I’m happy to explain all the other details and figure out a great way to partner!


Conclusion… If nothing in real estate sounds appealing or consistent with your skill-set but you’re still motivated and are capable of producing high quality outcomes… there are more areas you can help. Click each for those respective partnership opportunities…

Marketing / Sales

Virtual Reality

Education & Training


Thanks a lot and I look forward to hearing from you!