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How to Create an Online Resume

Creating an online resume is a great idea for anyone, whether you’re looking for a job or not. This 3-part series will help you understand:

I. Why Create an Online Resume?
II. How to Create a Resume Website
III. Best Practices for an Online Resume

This is a complement of all the other things you’re doing. Your paper resume, LinkedIn profile, and other job application materials should still exist. However, this adds A LOT to your job prospects and can really pay off as a great investment.

Let’s get to the content!

I. Why Create an Online Resume?

I decided to make a video of this one. Here I explain all the benefits of an online resume…

II. How to Create a Resume Website

Ok, it’s time to create this for yourself. Let’s get into the details of what it takes. I’ll do this as step by step text, as it’s easier to follow along. Here we go…

Step 1: Choose a web hosting company. 

I personally like Siteground. I use them to host my websites and think they’re great.

You can do hours of research on which web hosting companies are best. It’s all a waste of time. They do EXACTLY the same thing. The only difference is reliability, price, and service. And Siteground always ranks near the top for all of them. So there’s no reason to compare them. It’s the best site for your needs.

You can follow this link – Siteground Hosting

*Full disclosure – I do get a small commission, which helps compensate me for everything I do at Reverse Tide. But I recommend Siteground because I use them for 3 of my websites. I wouldn’t do that if they weren’t the best. All the web hosting companies offer similar commissions so you can be assured I’m recommending the product I believe in.

online resume

Step 2: Sign-Up

In this step, you’ll sign up for Web Hosting on Siteground’s website.

1. Click the menu item “Web Hosting” and then choose “Shared Hosting”. The other options are for larger businesses that have significantly greater functionality, customers, etc.

2. Next, choose the “Startup Plan”. These other plans are unnecessary, as they are for businesses with thousands of monthly visitors and multiple websites. Pretty cheap at $3.95/month (a reason I love Siteground).

3. Next, you need to register a domain. Pick whatever you want. For example, I might pick www.danperryresume.com. Choose whatever suits your identity or brand.

4. Enter all your personal details. This includes username/password, contact info, and billing info. At the bottom confirm the following:

– You should have signed up for the Startup plan for 12 months so you can take advantage of the low rates. Or go for longer, as an online resume has benefits for the long-term.

– Domain registration is auto-clicked. This is important.

– I’d suggest signing up for Domain Privacy. For only $12/year, you won’t have spammers finding your phone number and email address. I mistakenly didn’t sign up for this once. And I’d get repeated phone calls and emails from spammers. Trust me, this is well worth it.

– There’s no need for SG Site Scanner unless you really want it. If you were holding customer data or other private information on your site, you might worry about hackers. But you’ll back up your simple resume website and if you were hacked for some reason, you can easily restore a new version. This seems like a waste for such simplistic websites.

– Your total should be $74.35 as a check. You’re ready to submit.

online resumeonline resumeonline resumeonline resume

Step 3: CPanel & WordPress

Next, you’re ready to build your website. Siteground hosts all your information but you need a tool called WordPress to easily build the design of your website. Most of your future site building will be through logging into WordPress so it’s important to complete this step.

1. Go to the CPanel.

2. Click on WordPress Installer icon (4 rows down)

3. Fill out this form.

  • In the first drop-down, choose the protocol https://
  • In the second drop-down, select your domain name
  • Ignore “In Directory”
  • Under Site Settings, complete Site Name and Description with whatever you want
  • Do not check the box “Enable Multi-site”
  • Under Admin Account, pick a username, password, and admin email.
  • Choose a language and choose whether you want those plug-ins (not required)
  • Do not install a theme
  • Advanced options are unnecessary
  • Click Submit

online resumeonline resumeonline resumeonline resumeonline resume

Step 4: Download Your Theme

A theme is the next important step in creating a website. Themes are basically design templates for a website. If you were a professional, you could create one by yourself. But that’s completely unnecessary because there are hundreds of options.

I like a theme called “The 7”. It’s what I use on my sites (except Reverse Tide). It looks great, is really easy to customize, and has various online resume templates built-in. Plus it has tons of other great tools included. This is the best theme on the market in my opinion.

1. Here’s the link to purchase this theme. This is the last thing you need to pay for unless you start adding advanced features. The 7 Theme – Link

2. Click Buy Now and complete the purchase form

3. When you’ve completed the purchase, go to your email page. There are two steps here. First, copy and paste the long Purchase code circled to the left. I blurred mine out but yours should be quite long. You will need this later so keep it handy. Second, follow the link to the Download page and download the theme.

4. After you download it, you should see a zip file. Open that folder. You need to remove the embedded zip file from the master zip file. The embedded one should be called “dt-the-7…”. Save that to a different folder and remember where you saved it.

online resumeonline resumeonline resume

Step 5: Upload Your Theme to WordPress

Now that you have your theme saved to your computer, you need to upload it to your website through WordPress. Then you can start designing your website.

1. Login to your WordPress account. Typically the login screen will be https://YOURDOMAIN.com/wp-admin/ So for my mock website, it would be http://danperryresume.com/wp-admin/. If this doesn’t work for some reason, go back to CPanel, select the WordPress icon, find your domain name, and “Edit Details” using the pen icon. Scroll down and it should give you the URL. Use the username/password you selected earlier.

2. This is your WordPress Dashboard where you will edit your site going forward. To add your theme, follow these steps:

  • Click the “Appearances” button on the left menu. Then click “Themes”
  • At the very top, click the button “Add New”
  • Again at the very top, click the button “Upload Theme”
  • Click “Choose File” in the middle of the page
  • Find the zip file you extracted (remember it should be titled “dt-the-7…”)
  • Click “Install Now”

3. At this stage, it should have automatically installed and indicated it was successful. If so, click “Activate Theme”.

4. Remember the theme purchase code you copied from your email? You need to enter that in the WordPress site now. Go to “The 7” button on the left side. Then click “My The 7” and then register your theme using that code.

online resumeonline resume

Step 6: Import Pre-Made Websites

The biggest reason we advocated for The 7 Theme was all the pre-made websites they have. This allows you to import entire websites and then just change things around to suit your needs. It makes things really easy.

One of the pre-made websites is “CV”. It’s a website already made for the online resume. This gets easier and easier!

You can also browse the other options, as they all work for online resumes. Some are geared toward specific services and uses. It really comes down to the format you like most.

How can you import this?

1. Go to the left menu and click on “The 7”.
2. Click on “Pre-Made Websites”
3. Click each picture to see what the different website options look like
4. Pick the one that you like most
5. Check all the boxes and click “Import”
6. Some time will pass as it imports all content to your site

I made a video in Step 7 below that gives my thoughts on each of these options.

online resumeonline resume

Step 7: Build Your Resume

The website you just imported will have someone else’s name and qualifications on it. You need to start editing everything. See the video on the right side as I go through WordPress features. It will show you how to edit each section and make the design your own.

Now is the time for you to add all the dimensions of a good resume. The next section will begin talking about the elements of a great online resume.

Hopefully you’re well on your way to greatness!

III. Best Practices for An Online Resume

Now that you have created an online resume, it’s time for you to optimize it. How can you make this as effective as possible? I give a few suggestions in this video…

IV. Let me Help!

Now that you have created an online resume, you might want to obtain feedback. I am here to help! I offer the following services to review your paper resume, online resume, and other job application materials.

If you get stuck on any steps, want design feedback, or just want to optimize, let me know…

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