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Reverse Tide’s Career Services page is here to help you turn your learning into a valuable career. Among the things we help you with:

5 guides to help with job applications including resumes, cover letters, interviewing, professional portfolios, and proposals a 2 more on professional freelancing

7 guides that help with your qualifications and job applications specific to each learning subject or industry

We provide 1v1 custom services to help with your job applications and career needs

And we have tons of free articles, resources, and perspectives regarding careers

Check out our page today – Reverse Tide Career Services

The Student Corner


university alternatives

University Alternatives: Beyond Traditional Higher Education

We tend to be a little harsh on the topic of traditional higher education here at Reverse Tide. We fully acknowledge the great things...
Student freelance plan

Our Plan To Get You a Job After Graduating University

I. Introducing Students to Careers Early – So they can be the best! Students very rarely think about their resume until they near graduation and...
Reverse Tide Online Education - Warrior

Rethinking the College Job: You Can Eclipse the Efficient Pizza Delivery

College students are supposed to be smart. They’re supposed to be investing four years of their lives and paying insane tuition prices for a...
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Is College Always Worth It? The Studies Are Misleading

It seems to almost be conventional wisdom that going to college is always the wise financial choice. Tell your parents at 18 years old...
student loan debt

University Costs and Student Loans – The Dismal Current State

College is expensive. Everybody knows it and nobody is doing anything about it. Every US president has paid the appropriate lip service, saying they'll...


Learning Perspectives


As the world has become more global, learning new languages has become increasingly important. Travel is at record levels. Businesses want to expand overseas. Professional mobility is popular. Language skills are really valuable for social, professional, and personal reasons....
From the time we're young and all the way up through university, we waste A LOT of time in school. The curriculums are stuck from decades of stagnation and really need to change if we want to give kids...
Do you think learning is boring? A lot of people would definitely vote yes. Or at least would say current education methods are boring. Well this is unacceptable. Fun learning should be the norm! So let's get a little...
A bit of a rant here. Online course certificates have zero value. Not in your resume. Or as a job qualification. Definitely not as an industry recognized certification. Nothing. Let's illustrate. Take your pick of subjects… imagine you take 15...


technology skills

Today’s Top Skills #1: Technology Skills

This article is a series in which Reverse Tide explores some of the most critical skills in today's economy. While not every job necessarily...

Why Use Reverse Tide Learning

Reverse Tide is the industry leader to learn skills efficiently, get experience, and build a career. Why are we worth using?

1 – We focus on how to learn skills

We like learning every subject. But our traditional education sources are doing a poor job of building skills. They react to technology to slowly. They use an outdated learning model. And their outcomes get worse each year.

We help you learn skills that you will use in life. The ones that build a great resumes and get you high paying jobs. Nobody is doing this across such a wide range of subjects like we do.

2 – We stress experiential learning.

After you learn skills in whatever subject you choose, we always urge you to get experience. This is how you learn best. This is also how you improve your resume and get jobs. Employers don’t care if you sit through a course. They care that you know how to do valuable functions. Every learning path focuses on getting experience through projects and freelancing.

3 – Outcomes are most important.

Nobody learns to code or learns marketing to feel good. They learn because they want a career outcome. So this is exactly what we do. We help you write impactful qualifications in each of our subjects. Then we have guides on getting a job, building a great job application, and 1v1 services to customize it toward your goals.

If you are learning from a source that doesn’t stress outcomes, its quality is questionable. But this is what we specialize in.

4 – We have an eye on the future.

It’s great to learn skills that are important in today’s economy. But won’t that change in the future? Technological advances are changing rapidly. Today’s skills can become obsolete in favor of different skills. This is why we have our page The Future to understand all the coming changes and prepare your skills in advance.

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