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For as long as commerce has existed, sales/marketing has far and away been the most important skill you could possibly have. And its usefulness has only grown in today’s world where you can sell to anyone across the globe over hundreds of different channels. It’s pretty simple… if you can’t sell, the business won’t work. If you can sell, it will. So obviously this is a HUGE skill we emphasize at Reverse Tide.

The ironic thing is that despite its importance, the education for this subject is abysmal. It’s not for shortage of material… there’s almost too much learning material out there. However, the ability to take marketing information and help people build their skills lacks a coherent path in the marketplace. We’re here to change this!

On this page, you’ll find a lot to help you learn marketing and continue building that skill-set over time. We’ll focus on general marketing because building skills is much more important than learning a single channel. And then we’ll link to separate channel specific learning paths.

Let’s learn!


As we said in our intro, you have to learn Marketing theory and fundamentals. However, unlike other education mediums, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take years to learn.

On the left, each tab represents a subject. And then within each subject, we’ll explain how to learn it best…

Intro to Marketing

There are two stand-out courses that really get you started in Marketing. The first (Introduction to Marketing) focuses on Marketing holistically and has some outstanding content to introduce you to basic concepts, the many roles of a marketer, and many examples to illustrate each. Then the second (Hubspot’s Intro to Marketing) goes into an introductory level of depth on the most common channels for marketing (content, search, social, etc).

These courses are meant to take a few weeks (which is longer than we normally advise) but are still well worth it. You want to gain enough context and exposure to key concepts so the more advanced/detailed topics are easier to pick up.

And since we don’t believe intro level courses should cost money, we’re happy to report they’re free!


This is where you can start to set yourself apart! Shockingly missing in many marketing training programs are basic persuasion techniques. This is absurd! Marketing by definition is about persuading people to buy your product. So certainly this is a skill we want to spend quality time obtaining.

The way we recommend handling persuasion is to quickly learn the best techniques but to make this topic one you consistently reinforce. So we’re actually going to only recommend a single case study. However, this is a world famous one. Then we’re going to keep coming back to this topic in the form of advertising, sales, and other sources to continue your education.

Here’s the case study: Harnessing the Power of Persuasion


The common curriculum will make you spend a bunch of time on branding. We think that’s a poor use of your valuable time. Brands can be important but are a bit overrated unless you’re really well known. At the end of the day, people buy your product/service because of its high quality, outstanding price, great customer service, and other such factors. While people may like certain brands, if any of those things diminished, so would the brand.

With that said, there are definitely some best practices for brand marketing. Two of the sources that skup the fluff and really help are: Smarter Branding Without Breaking the Bank and Sticky Branding: 12.5 Principles to Stand Out, Attract Customers, and Grow an Incredible Brand.


One of the biggest components of effective marketing is being smart about your price. On the one hand, you have to make good product and financial decisions when considering prices. However, price will also be one of the biggest determinants of whether customers buy from you. To use an extreme example, if you price a product at $1, demand will skyrocket but if you price the same product at $1 million, nobody will.

We have one source dedicated to pricing and think it covers the topic pretty comprehensively. That’s Smart Marketing with Price Psychology

Pure Sales

If there is one marketing subject to get really good at, sales is the one worth doing. It’s funny that people learning Marketing might be so quick to learn the technicals of search ads or a specific social media platform but have no clue how to sell. Selling is the most fundamental thing you can learn in marketing and even business as a whole.

A lot of people shy away from sales because they envision cold calling or going door to door. This is not what sales is for the average businessperson. Sales is about determining how to get customers to pay for your product. Sales is about understanding customer psychology, what customers need/want, and what will cause them to purchase your product. And so it doesn’t matter what area of marketing you’re working on… knowing what works in sales is absolutely essential to be successful.

We’ll even double down on that statement. Put a top salesman behind Facebook or a content blog for the first time and they will be more successful than the average “specialist” in those channels. We acknowledge that specializing is smart (as you’ll soon see) but developing sales skills is a far better use of time for every marketer. 

How can you learn sales? Some of the best all-time sources are How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling and To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

And if you want to go deeper into sales, we highly encourage you to check out our full Sales Learning Path.

Marketing Analytics

The last part of general Marketing theory in our outcome based learning path is to gain sufficient knowledge of marketing analytics. The idea here is not to get overly technical, however, every marketing professional needs to understand how to do market research, find relevant data, and then measure their own performance and results.

The key is to go beyond “feeling” you’re doing a good job reaching your customer. Everything you do should be backed and measured using data (including new campaigns, tests, experiments, etc). While we also find this to be a very valuable specialization, the objective here is to gain enough familiarity to work it into your skill-set.

The best sources to gain analytics proficiency are Marketing Analytics and Data Driven Marketing A-Z: Improve Your Campaign Performance

Public Relations

Getting the media to cover your business or marketing campaign (and do so positively) is a huge boost and should be an important part of your skill-set. The media and other outsiders are rarely going to magically discover you and your wonderful story. You need to be proactive and give them the tools they need to cover your brand well. Your strategy for attracting media coverage and other positive public relations attention is different than the rest of your direct to consumer or business marketing.

We have two courses for you to choose from. Both are geared toward marketers rather than someone becoming an expert at a PR agency. They will help you enhance the skill so this can be another facet of your marketing prowess. Choose one or the other, as both are quite good – Public Relations or Copywriting Public Relations: Master PR Publicity Skills


Copywriting is an essential part of the marketer’s toolkit. In order to market your product, whether through content, social media, your website, sales letters, or anything else… you need to write convincingly. You need to provide enough context and information, convince your customers why they should buy, and get them to take definitive action. Oh and it should be interesting, and concise too. Not an easy task.

This is why we believe copywriting is an essential skill. Many marketers do this exclusively, as it’s a critical part of the equation. However, anyone learning marketing needs to be familiar with how to do it well. You’ll use these skills almost every day of your professional career. 

We have one comprehensive course to suggest for this vital skill-set: Advanced Copywriting Strategies for Online Sales

Digital Marketing

In today’s marketing age, digital marketing is all the rage. Everyone wants to figure out how to build a stronger ROI through digital channels. And young marketers commonly believe this is marketing’s main stage. 

While digital is a strong channel, it’s wise to make sure you have the right marketing fundamentals and don’t ignore long-established channels. It’s also wise to keep an eye on future channels. There’s a lot of hype here but also some really strong opportunities. 

Where are the biggest opportunities? Reverse Tide actually has a dedicated learning path for the biggest ones. Follow the links below to find out more details and specialize:

Search Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

And if you’re looking for simple website marketing, we’d encourage you to look at the articles 101 Conversion Tips to Help Improve Your Website and How to Boost Website Sales – The Complete Checklist


Print Marketing

Print marketing is one of our favorite specializations because learn print marketingso many people are rushing to the digital world. It’s often better to be in a field where skills are scarce. Print marketing is required for every business. They need things like business cards, brochures, documents they pass out to customers, signs, mailings, and so much more. Someone has to design all these materials and pretty much everything within the physical business. This is what print marketers do. They often design online but print it per client use.

We have a detailed learning path that helps with how to learn all these subjects. Don’t believe people that say print is less relevant… it’s still just as important as ever before and needs some great talent. Consider it for your specialty!

Here’s our learning page – Learn Print Marketing


TV / Radio Marketing

Television and radio have been popular channels to market your products for a long time. Whether through commercials, infomercials, sponsoring shows, or something creative, there are many ways to do it. 

Like you do over every marketing channel, you’re taking your fundamental marketing experience and pushing a message and course of action to customers over that channel. The only difference is you need audio/video skills to create the advertisement and need to understand the channel specific information (pricing, distribution, customer consumption info, etc).

We have some outstanding courses to get you started in this medium. 

For television, we like:
TV Advertising Guide: What it Costs and How to Get Started
The Ultimate Small Business Guide to TV Advertising Basics
10 Essentials to an Effective TV Commercial

For radio, we like:
Radio Advertising Guide: How to Get Started Today
The Top Ten Keys to Creating Great Radio Ads


We commend you for your choice to learn marketing skills. This will help you take the next step up in your career. But how can you turn skills into real job outcomes?

The following guides will help you apply your new skills and see significant career benefit…

Building a Top Resume

It’s pretty tough to differentiate yourself in the job market. But now that you’ve learned a valuable new skill, we think you can do it with your resume. 

With this guide, you get massive career benefits…resume standout

  • 15 innovative, attractive resume templates
  • The resume styles employers like
  • Highlighting your top qualifications
  • What to put in each section
  • Modern and innovative resume techniques

For more information and to sign up, visit our Building a Top Resume Guide Page

Writing an Amazing Cover Letter

Cover letters are the first thing employers will see when you’re applying to them. So you certainly want it to look good and make a strong case for you to get the job!

Our guide helps youAmazing cover letter be attention-getting, persuasive, and get that interview. So here’s how we’ll do it…

  • What to include in your cover letters
  • Tons of attention-getting examples
  • Innovate, modern letter formats
  • Job application sales psychology

For more information and to sign up, check out our page Writing Amazing Cover Letters Guide

Create a Professional Portfolio

Now that you have better qualifications, it’s time to PROVE it to employers. This is what they love even more than resumes! Portfolios are your edge compared to other applicants. 

Professional Portfolio

The Portfolio Guide will help with…

  • What is a portfolio?
  • What to put in a portfolio?
  • Tons of examples
  • Proving your skills
  • Making this your application’s edge!

For more information or to sign up, visit our page – Creating a Professional Portfolio Guide

Owning the Interview

The interview is the equivalent of closing the sale. This is when you’re getting more personalized and thus requires substantial preparation.

interview guide

Here’s what this guide covers…

  • Common questions
  • How to best prepare
  • Mock interviews (of different formats)
  • How to stand out from other applicants
  • Closing the sale (to get the job)

For more information or to sign up, visit our page Owning the Interview Guide

The Business Proposal

Everyone should know how to do a business proposal but few do! Yet it’s so important to advance in your career (job applications, bidding on work, proposing ideas, etc).

This guide helps you do more…business proposal

  • What to include in proposals
  • 3 examples
  • Why proposals are so important

For more information or to sign up, visit our page The Business Proposal Guide

Increasing Freelance Sales

Sales can be a freelancer’s biggest challenge. But it doesn’t have to be so bad. We’re here to help! This guide will help you improve with:

increase freelance sales

  • Business Proposals (includes our $25 guide)
  • Better marketing your qualifications
  • Sales strategy and approach optimization
  • Developing great negotiation skills

For more information or to sign up, visit our page – Increasing Freelance Sales Guide 

Freelance Business Optimization

Rather than go from gig to gig, you can do better. Your freelancing can be built into a full business and earn much better, more consistent revenue.

freelance business expansion

This guide helps the freelancer:

  • Establish a great reputation
  • Negotiating increasingly better deals 
  • Utilize important business resources
  • Increase revenues
  • Think more like a business owner

For more information or to sign up for this guide, visit our page at Freelance Gigs to Lucrative Business Guide


Marketing Qualifications

Now that you’ve improved your marketing skills, it’s time to focus on how to write them specifically. What do employers look for when hiring marketers? 

Our Marketing Qualifications & Career Guide helps you give employers what they seek. It covers…marketing career guide

  • Writing qualifications impactfully
  • Focusing on what hirers want in marketers
  • Proving marketing skills and experience
  • Marketing job specific application tips

This guide is one of a kind… we don’t know of anyone else providing such specific advice! And best of all, it’s super cheap! For more information or to sign up, check out our page:

Marketing Qualifications & Career Guide


1 on 1 Career Help For You

We want to work with YOU directly. What can we focus on?

  • Tailoring your application to specific jobsReverse Tide blog
  • Writing custom business proposals
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Mock interviews
  • Portfolio development
  • Any custom career topics you want!

For more information or to sign up for a time slot today, visit our page Reverse Tide Personalized Career Services


Like any other subject, you don’t want your learning to become stale. You want to be up to date with the latest news, perspectives, trends, strategies, and technology. For marketing, these are the best sources to perpetually continue your learning…

Websites / Blogs

Even though blogs seem to be falling out of favor for RSS subscription, we still use Feedly to consolidate the best sources of information. We feel blogs are some of the best sources of information because you’re getting advice from true experts, limited bias, and they’re consumable however the author thinks is appropriate. Here are our favorites for marketing…

Marketing Profs
Target Marketing
Business Grow
Mention Blog


Podcasts are another great way to continually consume amazing content and there is an abundance of great ones for Marketing. Download them and listen to them in the car, while working out, while getting a coffee, or going for a walk. You can hear from some really amazing people over this format. Here are our favorites for Marketing… 

Marketing School
Six Pixels of Separation
Conversion Cast
Marketing Over Coffee
The Marketing Companion


Many people prefer learning the old fashioned way… through books. No problem with that, as there have been some amazing ones written on the Marketing subject. We’re going to do a little something different for Marketing though. Since Marketing requires a continual refinement of the core skills, we’re going to link some of the best marketing books ever written.

Some of these are decades old and so they may have a few dated references… however, they’re the world renowned bibles of ads, sales, and persuasion. Ordering these books some time after your initial learning will introduce so many great ways of thinking about the core skills required for marketing success. Here’s our favorites:

Ogilvy on Advertising
Tested Advertising Methods
The Boron Letters


One of the best ways to learn is by relying on peers as a resource when needed. While you’d be well served to develop a network of trusted colleagues, it’s also valuable to have a place to turn to online. Forums are great places to ask and answer marketing related questions so you can bounce ideas off others or discover something that Google can’t answer. The best marketing community is undoubtedly Warrior Forums

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