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Excel and other spreadsheet replicas may be the most widely used business tool out there. Companies use it in accounting, finance, data analysis, project management, and so much more.

This learning page is simple. A large percentage of job descriptions ask for Excel skills. So we are going to help you build them quickly and cost-effectively. By the end, you will be advanced. Nothing more to it!


Intro to Excel

If you’re a complete beginner to Excel and Spreadsheets, we wanted to start with a resource for you to get familiar with the program. We’ll get advanced pretty quickly after this. If you’ve already worked with Excel before, you can probably skip this tab and go to the next one. 

The top introductory course is Spreadsheet Intro Training


One of the main features in Excel are the many auto-calculation tools built into it. Depending on what type of calculation you need, you’ll write a short command and yield an efficient answer. Functions are among the most fundamental advantages to spreadsheets and have use across finance, statistics, analysis, accounting, and advanced math. 

The following course is outstanding in going through each function and helping you understand its usefulness – Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions


Excel goes beyond functions and has a lot of statistical and data analysis tools for analysts. They help you describe and visualize your data and make conclusions for whatever purpose you might need it for (financial, scientific, strategic, etc). 

The following courses will help you maximize the analytical possibilities within Excel…

1 – Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel

2 – Data Analysis in Excel with Statistics: Get Meanings of Data

Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are an extremely useful tool within Excel to help you make observations in large amounts of data. In other programs, you’d have to write code to produce these tables but Excel has drag and drop functionality to make it super easy for the user. 

Pivot tables are extremely useful in many ways and worthy of its own course – Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis Master Class


For those that want to automate Excel for a purpose other than the out of the box functions built into the program, they’d use Visual Basics for Applications (VBA). This is the programming language you use to have Excel do more automated tasks. 

For the average user, there’s no need to learn VBA. However, if you or your team is primarily working inside Excel and want it to have advanced functionality, this is a necessary skill to learn. 

The following course will get into the uses of VBA and how to program in this language – Excel VBA Introduction

Business Case Studies

Excel can be creatively used to solve many business functions. Most companies and roles will use Excel for something and many might use it daily. It’s great to learn all about the functionality Excel brings to the table, however, you also want to understand how it gets applied to real business situations. 

This section is optional, as it will review most of the material from the previous courses. However, it will do it using real world examples so you leave this Learning Page understanding the real world solutions Excel can help you with.

The course we like is Excel Case Studies for Business Students


We commend you for your choice learn Excel skills. This will help you with some really valuable qualifications. But how can you turn skills into real job outcomes?

The following guides will help you apply your new skills and see significant career benefit…

Building a Top Resume

It’s pretty tough to differentiate yourself in the job market. But now that you’ve learned a valuable new skill, we think you can do it with your resume. 

With this guide, you get massive career benefits…resume standout

  • 15 innovative, attractive resume templates
  • The resume styles employers like
  • Highlighting your top qualifications
  • What to put in each section
  • Modern and innovative resume techniques

For more information and to sign up, visit our Building a Top Resume Guide Page

Writing an Amazing Cover Letter

Cover letters are the first thing employers will see when you’re applying to them. So you certainly want it to look good and make a strong case for you to get the job!

Our guide helps youAmazing cover letter be attention-getting, persuasive, and get that interview. So here’s how we’ll do it…

  • What to include in your cover letters
  • Tons of attention-getting examples
  • Innovate, modern letter formats
  • Job application sales psychology

For more information and to sign up, check out our page Writing Amazing Cover Letters Guide

Create a Professional Portfolio

Now that you have better qualifications, it’s time to PROVE it to employers. This is what they love even more than resumes! Portfolios are your edge compared to other applicants. 

Professional Portfolio

The Portfolio Guide will help with…

  • What is a portfolio?
  • What to put in a portfolio?
  • Tons of examples
  • Proving your skills
  • Making this your application’s edge!

For more information or to sign up, visit our page – Creating a Professional Portfolio Guide

Owning the Interview

The interview is the equivalent of closing the sale. This is when you’re getting more personalized and thus requires substantial preparation.

interview guide

Here’s what this guide covers…

  • Common questions
  • How to best prepare
  • Mock interviews (of different formats)
  • How to stand out from other applicants
  • Closing the sale (to get the job)

For more information or to sign up, visit our page Owning the Interview Guide

The Business Proposal

Everyone should know how to do a business proposal but few do! Yet it’s so important to advance in your career (job applications, bidding on work, proposing ideas, etc).

This guide helps you do more…business proposal

  • What to include in proposals
  • 3 examples
  • Why proposals are so important

For more information or to sign up, visit our page The Business Proposal Guide

Increasing Freelance Sales

Sales can be a freelancer’s biggest challenge. But it doesn’t have to be so bad. We’re here to help! This guide will help you improve with:

increase freelance sales

  • Business Proposals (includes our $25 guide)
  • Better marketing your qualifications
  • Sales strategy and approach optimization
  • Developing great negotiation skills

For more information or to sign up, visit our page – Increasing Freelance Sales Guide 

Freelance Business Optimization

Rather than go from gig to gig, you can do better. Your freelancing can be built into a full business and earn much better, more consistent revenue.

freelance business expansion

This guide helps the freelancer:

  • Establish a great reputation
  • Negotiating increasingly better deals 
  • Utilize important business resources
  • Increase revenues
  • Think more like a business owner

For more information or to sign up for this guide, visit our page at Freelance Gigs to Lucrative Business Guide


Business Analyst Qualifications

Now that you’ve improved your strategy & analysis skills, it’s time to focus on how to write them specifically. What do employers look for when hiring analysts? 

Our Business Strategy & Analysis Qualifications & Career Guide helps you give employers what they seek. It covers…business analysis job

  • Writing qualifications impactfully
  • Focusing on what hirers want in analysts
  • Proving analytical skills and experience
  • Analyst job specific application tips

This guide is one of a kind… we don’t know of anyone else providing such specific advice! And best of all, it’s super cheap! For more information or to sign up, check out our page:

Business Analyst Qualifications & Career Guide


1 on 1 Career Help For You

We want to work with YOU directly. What can we focus on?

  • Tailoring your application to specific jobsReverse Tide blog
  • Writing custom business proposals
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Mock interviews
  • Portfolio development
  • Any custom career topics you want!

For more information or to sign up for a time slot today, visit our page Reverse Tide Personalized Career Services

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