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Learning Can Be Fun

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Do you think learning is boring? A lot of people would definitely vote yes. Or at least would say current education methods are boring. Well this is unacceptable. Fun learning should be the norm! So let’s get a little more light-hearted and actually learn something interesting at the same time…

Yes, fun learning is actually a possibility. Take a look at this Youtube channel. It explores all kinds of interesting topics (not just the crappy ones – wink).

This is what Reverse Tide is all about. We want learning to be fun and exciting. Visuals, jokes, and other topics that keep students interested. and other attributes that make learning fun. You can apply this same thing to business, technology, and much more.

Is this how learning exists in traditional education? Sometimes, but often it’s not.

We can collectively improve this. Perhaps through content that can exist on YouTube or Reverse Tide Learning or even be used in traditional classrooms. We can also do it via video, writing, VR, or something extremely creative.

We’ll take this opportunity to talk about Reverse Tide’s vision for fun learning. We believe education is on the verge of major changes. And we’re working to be part of that. While online courses at Reverse Tide Learning don’t yet address fun learning, it will in the coming years.

We want virtual reality to be a medium for fun learning. Rather than sit in classroom and prepare for an exam, you can immerse yourself in a subject. Rather than learn historical names/dates, you can live the history. Witness wars, talk to historical figures, roam ancient civilizations like you’re traveling through history. Forget maps in geography class. You can visit the cities instantly. Forget science textbooks. Go inside the human body, the atom, or the inner Earth. Wouldn’t that be fun learning’s very definition? We think so.

In the meantime, our learning revolution starts with our learning paths. We suggest you get involved in experiential learning (our skill based learning paths linked below), as this is the first step. Best of luck!

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