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Continuing our International Business learning series, we’ll now focus on China. The world’s second largest economy is central to so much in the global business world and the potential opportunities seem endless here. We want to help you learn more about this great country, whether you want to work there, work with Chinese companies, take advantage of their vast market, or just want to know more about their economy and culture.

Because we live in such a global world, we provide learning pages for many of the major countries in the world. This gives you tangible knowledge and skills that you can apply to your professional and personal lives.

Here’s what you’ll find in this Learning Page (click to skip to this section)…

table of contentsI. Introduction As you’re reading now, we’ll overview China and discuss why to learn about this country

II. The China Learning Page – We’ll discuss all the topics and sources you’ll want to learn regarding China (about the country, international business topics, and resources to interact with the country)

III. International Business Career Services Since our learning page is outcome driven, we want to help you delve into an international business career direction

So flip the tab, discover the outcomes you can expect from gaining this skill, how to best learn it, and then get started in enhancing your learning and career!

Reverse Tide’s China Learning Page is outcome career dreamfocused. This is where we’re unique… the topics of study, the sources, and the emphasis on quickly getting real experience are designed to give you real skills and allow you to more easily find work involving China. Here are just a few of the many ways to use your learning here…

  • Do business in China or involving China (their companies, market, people, and government)
  • Better understand China with respect to another aspect of your career (international relations, Chinese customers, Chinese company competition)
  • Learn the language and culture to travel there, live there, or just be more knowledgable about the world

The Learning Page you see in Section II of this page is designed to teach you all about China, with a slant toward international business involving the country. Our learning aims to be as comprehensive and efficient as possible, while maintaining a low learning pathcost. There are so many ways to learn about China and we hope to get you started so you can interact more with the country and deepen your knowledge/experience there.

So here’s how we structure the learning page…

1 – Learn Basic China Knowledge. China has a very unique culture and one that is very different from the English speaking world. We want to help you learn about China’s history, culture, economy, political system, and language so you’re ready to interact with the country in whatever way you seek.

2 – Go There! In any of our country specific learning pages, we want to encourage you to visit and experience it first-hand. We’ll help with resources to make that happen.

3 – Specialize. We want to help if China interests you on a career level, where you want to work inside the country or work with companies, the government, or people there. We will help with some of the resources to build a career there, while also focusing on the skills and experience that would be a pre-requisite to getting started.

In Section II, we’ll get into the meat of Reverse Tide’s Learning Page and then later on, we’ll give you all the resources you need to be successful in an international business type career. So let’s do it!

Reverse Tide is the internet’s leader in providing comprehensivereverse tide learning learning on the modern economy’s most important professional skills. Unlike traditional universities, training programs, and other formal learning programs, we focus on five core goals…

1 – Topical. We only focus on the skills most important to today’s modern economy. If the economy changes, we change (although we predict where things are headed in advance).

2 – Comprehensive. We cover the totality of subjects needed to become job-ready.

3 – Efficient. We don’t waste time or resources on meaningless material. We tell you why you should learn each subject in the path toward proficiency.

4 – Affordable. Each learning curriculum costs under $1,000 for both education and career services. However, the idea is this is an investment that pays for itself through career enhancement.

5 – Career Enhancing. We focus on the skills and practices that get you hired into well-paying jobs. No fluff, administration, fancy degrees/certificates. Just great education and even better career services.

Nope we’re not traditional and that’s our great strength! If you want to hang a diploma on the wall or have letters next to your name, best to go elsewhere. If you want to learn about China and International Business, while giving yourself the best chance at a great job, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Reverse Tide Learning.


Let’s get started. On the left, each tab represents a subject. Each one will have the learning materials we suggest are best to learn that subject. The idea is that by learning each of these subjects well, you’ll be well positioned to start getting whatever experience you seek.

You have two choices. You can learn each of these subjects or skip around based on your own unique goals. We suggest doing them all, as it will help you be well-rounded and versatile, which is very important in any professional function. Here we go…

Chinese History

Introduction… A country’s history almost always seems to shape what they are today. China’s history is extremely interesting and has a substantial impact on who they are as a country culturally, politically, and economically. For English speakers, Chinese history is underrepresented in our history curriculums and unjustifiably, as it has historically been among the great world civilizations. 

We think it’s really important to study Chinese history prior to going into a deeper relationship with the country. The Chinese have a lot of pride in their history and it provides so much context for many of their modern customs. 

Here are our favorite sources to get a comprehensive, yet efficient view into Chinese history…

  • online course

    Harvard’s ChinaX

    Harvard has a ten part series on China’s history from Confucius, to their many political dynasties, to Mao, and to the modern days of China’s economic revival. This series is highly rated and well presented, while also being free since the certificate is unnecessary

    Click to Get Started
  • books

    China: A History of China and East Asia:

    If books are more your style, this is a great source to efficiently and comprehensively learn Chinese history and how it relates to today’s world

    Click to Get Started

Chinese Culture

Introduction… To the English speaking world, China has a very unique culture and requires a lot of advance understanding before trying to navigate the country in any professional sense. Culture is integral to being successful in marketing, negotiation, and forging relationships with any business stakeholders. And beyond economic motivations for learning Chinese culture, it’s extremely interesting and carries a lot of personal reward as well. 

There’s no substitute for getting out and experiencing it yourself, as we’ll get to later in our Learning Page. However, to avoid any culture shock and make yourself comfortable before jumping straight in, here are some good resources to introduce you to Chinese culture…

  • online course

    A Glimpse of Chinese Culture

    This is a nice course that overviews many aspects of Chinese culture including art, sports, education, clothing, and more. Learning culture is really helpful in establishing relationships in China (which is the largest driver of business success by the way!)

    Click to Get Started
  • online course

    Chinese Culture and Contemporary China

    This one covers several topics that the first course did not including music, cuisine, and more. Put these together and you’ll have a really nice indication of culture

    Click to Get Started

The Chinese Economy

Introduction… For much of history, China had the largest economy in the world. They have recently re-emerged and are now second largest by GDP. The Chinese economy is extremely diverse but has a lot of distinct characteristics at this stage of time. Because of its complexity, you could study this subject for years and still have much to learn.

However, we’ll take our best shot and get you acclimated to an economy that has an unbelievable number of great opportunities. Here is a great source for that learning…

  • books

    China’s Economy: What Everyone Needs to Know

    This is a really highly rated book because it focuses on facts rather than opinions. It helps the non-Chinese person navigate the complexities of China’s vast economy as the title indicates 

    Click to Get Started

The Chinese Political System

Introduction… China is governed under a single party (The Communist Party) but has opened up so much in recent years that it hardly resembles the Communist ideologies of old. However, the government is a huge player in defining modern China and is something you have to understand if you’re to navigate China professionally. 

This is not a place to generate opinion on their politics but to focus more on the facts of their political structure and how a business and/or individual would interact with the various layers of Chinese government…

  • books

    China’s Political System

    This is a nice look at everything regarding China’s political system and includes its impact on the environment, business, military, education, and more. A good, comprehensive book that can really help people with navigating political terrain in business.

    Click to Get Started

China Geography

Introduction… To say that China’s geography plays a large role in its society is a massive understatement. With the world’s largest population and fourth largest area size, it defines China. Within the population and country, there are many cultures, languages, economic strengths and challenges, and resource riches and constraints. Having a good appreciation for China’s geography (much more than locating it on a map) is extremely important to understand such a complex nation.

Here is the source we suggest to better understand China’s geography…

  • books

    The Geographical Transformation of China

    This is the sort of information that most outsiders don’t understand about China. Their infrastructure, geography, and population’s role in transforming the economy. This helps people understand recent history better and where China’s likely to go next (aka where the opportunities are). You can rent this book to save on costs.

    Click to Get Started

Learn the Chinese Language

Introduction… Because China is such a larger country with many historical ethnic groups, there are a lot of local languages spoken in its various regions. However, the most widely spoken is Mandarin Chinese, which more than half speak. As a foreigner, this would be the language you’d choose unless you had aspirations toward a specific region. 

In Reverse Tide’s International Business series, we take learning languages really seriously. It helps so much to be able to communicate effectively. While English may afford you certain business opportunities, you’d be significantly limiting yourself and would likely struggle in living locally. Thus we suggest learning Mandarin.

Learning languages is a difficult long-term investment but the payoff makes it a worthy endeavor. We have a strong stance on the best methods for learning languages, which applies to Mandarin or any other. It makes it affordable and efficient.

Here is how we suggest doing it… 

  • article

    The Best Method to Learn Languages

    We will explore all the resources and methods to learn Chinese or whatever language you choose

    Click to Get Started
  • online course

    Business Chinese

    This is definitely not the place to start but can be really useful once you’re at a more advanced level of Mandarin. China is very different from most English speaking countries in terms of business processes and etiquette. This course mixes language skills with Chinese business practices to help you professionally

    Click to Get Started

China News & Perspectives

Introduction… Probably the best way to learn about China is to study current affairs. For a country of this size, just reading their daily news or seeing experts comment on China’s economy, corporations, politics, and culture is plenty insightful. Having the background gives these topics the context it requires. But these are the sources you can bookmark and read regularly.

Here are our favorites in terms of quality and coverage… 

  • resource

    News Sites

    Here are our favorite sites to read news about China:

    The best is actually a newsletter site – Sinocism – which collects the most relevant news on China (and it’s a large list)

    South China Morning Post is a Hong Kong newspaper focusing on China but free from government control

    Xinhua, The People’s Daily and Global Times are state run media enterprises and China’s largest newspapers. Before you dismiss these, consider that this is the news most Chinese people get and represents their official perspectives (valuable to those interacting with China).

    Finally, China Business Review and China Digital Times are valuable resources from a more professional standpoint.

  • resource

    China Blogs & Commentary

    While any provocative political commentary has the possibility of censorship within China, there are many great commentators that talk about China and provide excellent perspective. Here are our favorites…

    China Financial Markets. This is the most thorough and thoughtful economic commentary blog about China. Michael Pettis is a professor at Peking University and an outstanding analyst. Very economics heavy but top of the line material.

    China Whisper is more of a social commentary website but popular.

    Marketing China is a good one on the Chinese markets and customer.

part 2
International Business Fundamentals

Now that we’ve studied China in-depth, it’s time to take a step back and ensure you’re well versed in the fundamentals of international business. It’s not easy for a foreigner to enter a country and set up a business. There are trade laws and local regulations to be aware of. You are dealing with a different culture and a very different market. So even if you’re a China expert, you still need to be cognizant of how to be successful in business.

These are generic international business sources but they can help no matter what country you go to. If you’re already experienced in International Business, feel free to skip this. However, if you want to improve your international business fundamentals, we’re here to help…

International Trade

Introduction… It’s not so simple as making a decision to move to a new country and set up a business (or expand an existing on to that country). International trade laws and processes have huge implications on the capability to sell good/services overseas. This is the place to start for those seeking business expansion to international markets…

  • online course

    International Trade

    This is an amazingly good free source to learn about international trade. They focus on everything you’d want to know about why you’d expand internationally and the things you’ll need to consider in making it a reality

    Click to Get Started

Expanding Internationally

Introduction… At some stage, you will start investigating international expansion in more depth. You’ll want to know how to start the process, what factors to research in deciding where to go, and the main strategic/operational considerations for launching an overseas business expansion. 

Because this is a very complex topic and such strategic considerations will be a large factor in either succeeding or failing, we cover this topic over three sources. Here are the ones we like…

  • online course

    International Business Environment and Global Strategy

    We like this course as a starting point because it overviews what things to research and evaluate when choosing a country for international expansion. They cover social, political, economic, and institutional considerations and provide detailed examples of evaluating specific countries

    Click to Get Started
  • online course

    International Expansion: A Blueprint for Success

    Now that you’ve narrowed down location, you should start thinking about execution strategy. This course covers topics like market entry options, forecasting profitability, and growth considerations

    Click to Get Started
  • online course

    International Business II

    We like the second course in this two part series because it focuses on strategic options different from our last suggested course including financial currency, adapting your product, and management

    Click to Get Started

International Marketing

Introduction… Marketing in your home country is difficult enough and yet you already know the language, culture, and are already a consumer yourself. Now take all those marketing challenges and add the complexity of an entirely different market. You may not know what channels are popular there. You’ll have to hire local staff to help with the language skills. You’re probably less familiar with competitors. So we want to get you a bit of help.

Selling abroad should be a no-brainer for any business. There are so many accessible customers if you simply make the commitment to expand your thinking. However, nobody is going to be capable of giving you a recipe for instant international marketing success. You will need to put the work into it. We can start with sources that help you think on a more global level with considerations, best practices, and case studies…

  • online course

    International Marketing & Cross Industry Growth Specialization

    This Coursera specialization focuses on international marketing concepts and applies it to a few industries. Good way to get you started in thinking about this topic and is free if you audit the courses

    Click to Get Started
  • books

    Exporting: The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably

    This is a really highly rated book from a credible author (the writer of The Global Small Business Blog). She deeply explores why to sell abroad and how to be successful at it. This is a really nice source no matter what business you’re considering for international expansion 

    Click to Get Started

International Finance & Tax

Introduction… The last step in International Business is figuring out the financial details of your international expansion. This is a very complex topic and likely something you want to defer to banks, financiers, tax experts, and attorneys. However, obtaining a basic knowledge will help you understand what you should be investigating relative to this topic.

A lot of companies expand internationally exclusively for the financial or tax benefits. Others are sunk by not giving this adequate planning. So while this may be dry and unexciting, it’s crucial for people to learn. Here are our favorite generic sources to get started… 

  • online course

    International Tax: Tax Beyond Boundaries 

    This may not be the most exciting topic but the course covers it pretty comprehensively (as individuals, businesses, property, and more). Remember that this isn’t a substitute for personalized tax advice, as every situation, business, and country will yield different advice. However, this gets your basic information so you know some of the answers to seek

    Click to Get Started
  • site

    International Finance Guide

    Our favorite guide to international finance comes from TutorialsPoint. This is very beginner level but is good in a subject like this because a comprehensive overview can help you decide what subjects pertain to your unique financing needs

    Click to Get Started

part 3
Getting Started in China

The content in the last section was good for everyone to understand but is most relevant to people expanding their businesses overseas. This section is most relevant toward people looking to live and work in China. It is certainly very possible to achieve this but it requires a bit of work. Among the things you’ll have to do:

  • Get a working or educational visa
  • Find an employer willing to hire you
  • Logistically make the move

There are plenty of hybrid options including working for a Chinese employer from overseas or doing business in the Chinese market. We’re here to give you resources for all these options. Let’s explore!

Getting China Experience

There are many ways to get Chinese experience without truly working in China. One way is to apply for a full-time job through your normal local job boards and type ‘China’ or ‘Chinese’ into the search. Working for a Chinese firm gives you valuable experience and potentially a network to bridge that career path into China.

Another good way is through freelancing. Try to think about what would be attractive to a Chinese employer. They obviously want language skills. They want skills that are harder to find at home like global strategy, innovation, and tech skills. Likewise, having experience within prominent companies in their industry is valuable to any foreign company.

So how do you get started in freelancing? We have an entire Freelance Microsite dedicated to this topic. Start with our article (linked below) and then head over there for more great freelance resources. Look for Chinese employers, Chinese language or market projects, or the skills that would be desirable by Chinese firms. And build up your resume from there.

Here’s the link to our introductory article: 

Article: Find Freelance Gigs 

Applying to Chinese Firms

One way of getting to China professionally is to get a job directly at a Chinese firm. You can go on the job boards or use a recruiting service to connect with overseas employers.

It’s often a bit tricky to apply to firms from an international location unless you’re a really special candidate. It would be a huge investment for them to interview you and relocate you, and is thus unlikely before you’ve committed to even traveling there. So either become that special candidate or think about applying from a more attractive position (like working for a Chinese company remotely, starting as an English teacher in China, or traveling there and scheduling interviews while on the ground). 

Once you’ve done these things, it’s time to look for a job. Here are some of the job boards and sites to help you do this:

ChinaJobs (English site!)
LinkedIn (really popular there; just search by location)

Teaching English in China

Introduction… As we said in the last tab, one of the best ways to start your career in China (or just to experience living there) is to teach English. You’ll need to fulfill your teaching contract but by the time it’s over, you can obtain fluency in the language, establish a network, and apply for a more advanced job.

The good news is that there’s a huge demand for native born English speakers in China. And it actually pays quite well because of that demand. So as long as you meet the requirements, this is a very easy way to go live/work there. 

We’ve attached some resources to help you get your TEFL (English teacher certification) and to locate the good teaching jobs…

  • resource

    Teach English Job Boards

    In addition to the job boards in the tab above, there are a few ESL teacher specific job boards to look at as well. Remember before accepting any job to thoroughly investigate the company and ask to speak to current English teachers. This is a big commitment and like any job, some are better than others. Here are the job boards we would start with:

    Dave’s ESL Cafe
    ESL Teachers Board
    TEFL Job Seeker

    There are plenty more too. Remember that the demand is very impressive for Western English teachers in China. So you can look around thoroughly and negotiate as necessary.

  • resource

    TEFL Certification

    Before applying for an ESL job, you need to get your TEFL certification. There are many companies offering this and have different levels but standard is to obtain a 120 hour certificate. You can opt to go to 150 and get live practice if you want to stand out. Here are some highly regarded TEFL online providers…

    i-to-i TEFL
    University of Toronto
    (different certification but more prestigious)

    When it comes to China, we’ve heard reports of schools not even requiring a TEFL (the demand for teachers is so high). It’s probably advisable to learn how to teach and avoid any issues in your application (so we don’t suggest skipping the TEFL). But for China, you can probably skip the pricier University of Toronto or CELTA, opt for 120 hours, and get it done quickly. 

China Visas

China is a lot more strict on issuing visas, whether for travel or work, than many countries. While plenty of people end up visiting and working, we want to help link you to the right resources for this…

Travel China Guide – China Visa

China Travel Resources

Whether you’re traveling through China or moving there, it can be intimidating. However, there are some great guides and resources that make the journey infinitely easier. Here are a few of our favorites…

For general travel guides, TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet are go-to English guides. However, don’t neglect Chinese apps like Dianping (restaurant reviews) or WeChat (communication, delivery, payments, transportation).

There are many great travel blogs that give you advice and perspective on China life. Our favorites are Lost Laowai, China Mike, Welcome to China, WildChina, Travel China Guide, and Travel Cathay. However, there are many more so be sure to focus on blogs for whatever subject interests you (culture, expat life, business, etc).


career servicesOur China – International Business Learning Path is comprehensive and we applaud you if you completed it in full or even if you picked the things that were most applicable to you.

Now comes the fun part. Learning a career skill like international business isn’t done for fun or for your health… it’s done to benefit your career! 

So we are offering something you can’t find anywhere else on the internet. We’re offering something that universities are doing a very poor job of these days and formal training programs most certainly don’t do.

We’re providing Career Services specific to International Business. The objective is to get you a job! Whether you’re working with overseas companies or aspiring to work for them abroad, we’re here for you.

We do it all! This section provides tons of resources to help you accomplish your specific career goals and specific international business!

International Business Career Guide

Now that you’ve improved your international business skills, it’s time to focus on how to apply them in the professional world. Reverse Tide’s Career Services rival anyone’s. We can help you with so much (resumes, portfolios,international business job freelancing sales, and anything you need).

The first thing we offer, however, is a custom career guide for International Business. In this guide, you’ll find specific tips on getting a job with the skills you’ve learned in our learning path (or any other credentials you had prior). We’ll cover…

  • Writing qualifications impactfully, especially online education ones
  • Focusing on what hirers want in international applicants and applying with this in mind
  • All the amazing things you can do to demonstrate international skills and experience to employers
  • Tons of international business job specific application tips

This guide is one of a kind… we don’t know of anyone else providing such specific advice! And best of all, it’s super cheap!

For more information or to sign up, check out our page:

International Business Career Guide

Building a Top Resume

You’ve now built amazing international business qualifications from our mix of skills, experience, and more.resume standout So how do you build that into a crazy good resume that gets you hired?

We’ve assembled a guide that helps create the best resume among your peers. It uses the most modern, creative, and eye-catching ways of writing your qualifications and impressing employers.

With this guide, you get the following benefits…

  • 15 innovative, attractive resume templates
  • Tons of examples
  • The resume styles employers like
  • How to highlight your top qualifications
  • A lot of modern insight you don’t get anywhere else

For more information and to sign up, visit our Building a Top Resume Guide Page

Writing an Amazing Cover Letter

Cover letters are the first thing employers will see when you’re applying to them. So you certainly want it to look good and make a strong case for you to get the job!Amazing cover letter

Our guide is intended to help you with writing the most effective cover letter of your life. We want it to be attention-getting, persuasive, and converting (just like a good advertisement!). So here’s how we’ll do it…

  • The elements to include in your cover letters (hint, it’s different than everyone else does it)
  • Tons of examples of great cover letters
  • Alternatives to the common letter format
  • A bit of job application specific sales psychology

For more information and to sign up, check out our page Writing Amazing Cover Letters Guide

Create a Professional Portfolio

If you want an international job, you should be familiar with the idea of a professional portfolio. You want to show employers how you can earn them Professional Portfoliorevenue and instances of doing that in the past. After all, that’s what every business does so why wouldn’t you do the same?

In this guide, we’ll teach you about what the best professional portfolios look like. This way you can demonstrate and prove your qualifications rather than simply stating them. More specifically, here’s what we’ll do…

  • What are all the things you can put in your professional portfolio?
  • Where can you house it and how can you present it to employers?
  • Tons of examples and resources to make your portfolio great

For more information or to sign up, visit our page – Creating a Professional Portfolio Guide

Owning the Interview

The interview is the equivalent of closing the sale. This is when you’re getting more personalized and discussing theinterview guide terms of whether the professional arrangement is mutually beneficial. Just like anything in management, this requires a lot of preparation.

In this guide, we want you to own the interview and get that dream job. We’ll talk all about outstanding interview preparation and even better execution so you’re as successful as possible. Specifically, we’ll go into depth on the following…

  • The important things to prove to the hirer during an interview
  • The preparation that can vastly improve your results
  • A bunch of mock interviews for all the common interview formats
  • Other considerations and resources to make you the best interviewer you can possibly be

For more information or to sign up, visit our page Owning the Interview Guide

The Business Proposal

In business functions, you’re going to spend a lot of time writing proposals. Whether you’re proposing initiatives to upper managers, investors, customers, suppliers, etcbusiness proposal or are pitching your own business, getting the proposal right is crucial to being successful in this function.

In this guide, we’ll go into a lot of depth on how to write winning business proposals. We’ll approach it from the perspective of someone writing a job proposal and all the things needed to achieve success. More specifically, we’ll discuss the following…

  • What are the important elements to include in a good business proposal?
  • We’ll do three real examples… a short, medium, and long proposal

For more information or to sign up, visit our page The Business Proposal Guide

Increasing Freelance Sales

A lot of people are looking to get involved in freelancing these days. As we said in this learning page, it’s a good way to get international experience without leaving your home. It can also be much more, as you’re capable of helping so many companies and doing so on increase freelance salesyour own terms (rather than going through an agency). You can choose your specialty, choose your sales targets, and once you win the work can choose how you approach it.

The disadvantage to freelancing is you have to do your own sales. This guide is aimed at the freelancer and the many ways to boost their sales results. We have tons of resources, examples, and sales methods specific to freelancing. Here’s what you get in this guide:

  • The Business Proposal Guide for free
  • Boosting your qualifications to optimal levels
  • Having a great sales strategy and positioning yourself for success with top tactics
  • Developing great negotiation skills

For more information or to sign up, visit our page – Increasing Freelance Sales Guide 

Freelance Gigs to Lucrative Business

Continuing our freelance series, we want you to make the most of freelancing. Going from gig to gig and client to client is fine but you have so many opportunities freelance business expansionto make it something bigger. You can turn this into a full business that earns really well (without it solely depending on your sales and execution).

In this guide, we get serious about freelancing and formulate all the ways to turn this into something much more lucrative to you as business owner. Specifically, we’ll cover…

  • Performing at your absolute best in the gigs themselves so you can establish a great reputation
  • Negotiating increasingly better deals during and after the gigs
  • All the business concepts and resources you’ll need to build your business

For more information or to sign up for this guide, visit our page at Freelance Gigs to Lucrative Business Guide

1 on 1 Career Help For You

As you can see from our China Learning Path, our International Business Career Services Guide, and all the more generic career guides, we take your skills and job prospects very Reverse Tide blogseriously. We simply want you to do the best you possibly can. With that said, everything above is generic. Which means the only thing left is working with you directly!

We allocate a small number of slots each day to working with the Reverse Tide community directly. Among the services we offer…

  • Helping you learn 1 on 1 (custom learning for your specific goals)
  • Helping you apply for international jobs, write proposals, or submit freelance applications
  • Resume reviews, professional portfolio or cover letter reviews, and mock interviews. Get your specific materials in the best possible state!
  • Any custom career topics you need help with. We’re here to help and coach you to success

For more information or to sign up for a time slot today, visit our page Reverse Tide Personalized Career Services

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