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Welcome to Reverse Tide’s Career Services page. Here is a collection of all the resources that we think will help you in your career. Our objective is to help you bolster your qualifications, vastly improve your job applications, and develop a stand-out career perspective. All of this is aimed at improving whatever career goals you might have. So take a look at all our offerings…

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I. Career Guides
II. 1 on 1 Career Coaching
III. Career Perspectives
IV. Why Us


Career Guides

Each of these guides will comprehensively help you create the best job application possible. The idea is to get you into your dream career!

General Guides

resume standout Building a Top Resume

This guide helps you build an amazing stand-out resume. We help with formatting, provide 15 awesome template, writing great qualifications, and making the most of each resume section. Resumes are crucial and this guide will help yours go to the top of the recruiter’s pile!

Interview Guide Owning the Interview

This guide helps you comprehensively prepare for job interviews including proving your soft skills, asking great questions, having outstanding body language, and showcasing your best qualifications. Interviews are where you secure the job so these things can’t be more important!

Professional PortfolioCreating Professional Portfolios

This guide helps you differentiate yourself from other applicants by actually demonstrating your skills and experience. Rather than everyone else simply stating their qualifications, a portfolio helps you prove it to them. An employer will always pick certainty and being overwhelmingly impressed rather than an unknown risk.

Amazing cover letterAmazing Cover Letters

This guide helps you write cover letters that get you attention and positive impressions from the employer right away. Rather than writing generic, value subtracting letters like every else, we teach you alternate ways to do it that employers will appreciate and be intrigued by.

Reverse Tide Site Tips The Business Proposal

This guide helps you write business proposals. Whether you’re applying for a full-time job, freelance gig, project bid, or anything else, a proposal can help you really show a hirer what you’re doing. More than anything else, a top proposal will make you a star in the eyes of a hirer and lead to so many opportunities. It’s something everyone should master if they want to succeed in the professional world.

Reverse Tide Freelance Course Increasing Freelance Sales

This guide helps freelancers boost their sales. We teach you proven sales techniques specifically related to the world of freelancing. From developing and executing a sales strategy, building top qualifications, pricing, negotiating, and more… this is the comprehensive guide you need to start making more money in freelancing.

Reverse Tide Freelance Course Freelance: Expanding from Gigs to Lucrative Business

This guide helps you take your freelancing beyond the gig to gig business model. We give you resources to help you expand both the size of your business, your income, and your potential. We talk about all the different ways of expanding and the many things required to make a freelance business something extremely lucrative.

Subject Guides

1 on 1 Career Coaching

Reverse Tide is more than just generic career services. We also want the chance to work with you 1 on 1 so we can help you with your individual career goals

Resume Review with Reverse Tide

Enhancing your greatest professional asset
$150* * Great Starter Option

– Qualifications Strengths & Gaps

– Masterful Formatting

– Creating a Stand-Out Resume

– Prove Your Skills

– Enhance Wording

– Making your resume accomplish YOUR goals

Full Job Application Review

Going beyond a simple resume
$190* * Recommended

Includes everything from resume review PLUS…

– Demonstrate skills with top portfolios

– Building custom cover letters

– Business proposals

– Other qualifying career documentation

– Package each into a winning application

The Career Coaching Service

The full package for accomplishing your career goals
$225* * Per Session

Includes everything from prior plans PLUS…

– 1v1 Skype or Phone Consult with Dan

– Building Better Qualifications Plan

– Prepping for Interviews

– Custom Education & Career Resources

– Full Career Evaluation & Plan

Career Perspectives

Finally, we want to give you some interesting perspectives and useful career resources…

technology skills

Today’s Top Skills #1: Technology Skills

This article is a series in which Reverse Tide explores some of the most critical skills in today's economy. While not every job necessarily...
international business skill

Today’s Top Skills #4: International Skills

This article is part of a series in which Reverse Tide explores some of the most critical skills in today's economy. While not every job...
critical thinking skills

Today’s Top Skills #2: Critical Thinking

This article is part of a series in which Reverse Tide explores some of the most critical skills in today's economy. While not every...

Why Us?

Reverse Tide approaches all career services much differently than most career coaches or counselors and we believe FOR THE BETTER…

1 – We combine education, career, and lifestyle into a collective consideration.

Most others focus on only one at a time, despite their strong link. That’s a big mistake and part of why we founded Reverse Tide!

2 – We focus on QUALIFICATIONS first.

Most career services and coaches are too disconnected from the jobs themselves and are only able to give generic advice like spelling, grammar, and word choice. However, you’ll never get the job if your qualifications aren’t great and specifically targeted toward each job.

3 – We are former management consultants, which means we did this for a living.

We’ve applied (successfully) to some of the largest employers and for some of their most important projects with C-suite level hirers. And we have done many multi-million dollar proposals. Finally, we have worked across so many different industries and functions. We know exactly what works! Ask yourself if other career coaches have this type of background…

4 – Most career services offer horrible advice.

They advise the same boring resume and cover letter format that has no impact with employers. They don’t understand freelancing or entrepreneurship. They’re very disconnected from the industries you’re applying toward and often don’t understand the actual responsibilities of your target job. They don’t understand portfolios or business proposals and how powerful they can be. The list goes on… and we’re here to correct all of it.

5 – We’ve assembled this entire website.

All the perspective based articles on careers, 25 learning paths, our series on ‘The Future’, and all the other resources you see on Reverse Tide. We’ve hired many people in the corporate world and in small business. Dan, Reverse Tide’s founder, is who you will work with (he instructs the guides and performs 1v1 services). You will get that same quality and attention

6 – Satisfaction guaranteed.

If you don’t think you received value from this, we’ll refund your money (see our refund policy in each service’s Terms & Conditions for full details). However, we’re confident our package is the best you’ll find anywhere else for this purpose

7 – We try to make everything pay for itself.

When you click on each product or service directly, we make a big deal about it paying for itself. This is very important to us. We are confident in helping you get a better job, finding it earlier, and better negotiating your compensation (all of which are worth many times more than our costs). And once you buy one product, we give you discounts on the rest. So we are confident that this will end up making you a lot more money than it costs.

So get started with Reverse Tide Career Services! We’re excited to work with you!!!

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