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Career Coaching: 5 Examples Of Us Helping

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Reverse Tide offers a career coaching service to help people individually. We focus on the current state of your career and qualifications and determine how we can work to accomplish career goals and dreams.

A lot of people ask how they can benefit from career coaching. It admittedly sounds a little vague. And at $225/session, it’s not cheap (although we’re better priced than most career coaches). So we’re going to talk about examples in how we have helped people. All these examples will explain how we helped our clients achieve their goals. And we’ll talk about the numbers to show you that they ended up benefiting financially. That part is really important to us.

We have four examples. If you like these, see our career coach page where we are happy to work with you too! Let’s explore…


Career Coaching Example 1 – Switching Careerscareer coaching switch

Situation: In our first example, we’ll talk about a client that wanted to switch careers. This person had been working in an office job but wasn’t making their ideal amount of money. They felt like the job was a bit dead-ended. But the skill-set was quite good. They had really good sales skills and worked with high-end customers. They understood accounting, finance, and a bit of business analytics.

This person wanted a better job. One that had high career trajectory potential. And one that would advance their skills and responsibilities. So they enlisted our career coaching services to accomplish this goal.

How we helped: We worked together on a list of target careers. We discussed a more analytical role at a large company. We talked about focusing on sales. But we decided to combine those two into a single role: consulting. Consultants are everywhere these days, with big hiring potential. They have large responsibilities, a great career track, and make good money. Most importantly, I’m a former management consultant and intimately know what it takes to succeed.

So we got to work! In our first session, we decided this was the target job and I talked about the strategies to make that switch. I showed them where to look for jobs, how to contact recruiters and hiring managers, what qualifications they look for, and insider tips to get the job. In the second and third session, we built their job application materials. This person created an awesome stand-out resume. And I helped them build a nice portfolio of work. By the end, they were ready to switch careers!

Financial benefit: This is pretty big. Over 3 sessions, it cost them $675. So I was very serious about making them see a return on that investment. And sure enough, this career switch delivers it to them. Getting that consulting job comes with a signing bonus. That paid for the career coaching many times over. Their salary jumped 15%. But most importantly, their career growth is much higher in the new job. Down the road, they will probably earn double or even triple what was possible in their former job. So we both have to agree, it was worth it!

Career Coaching Example 2 – Getting Into Techcareer coaching tech

Situation: In this example, we were working with an middle-aged worker than wanted to learn technology. They had no tech qualifications or experience. But they knew how much demand there was for these skills. In addition, they saw all the exciting things happening in the tech industry and wanted a piece of that!

How we helped: This one takes a little longer but is achieving a great result. To go from zero tech skills to being job ready takes a lot of hard work. But we know exactly how to do this. We set them up with a rigorous training regimen to learn programming. We suggested C# because they can get involved in virtual reality easiest with that programming language. Our learning path includes the raw skills, getting experience, and eventually getting a good job.

In our first session, we helped them understand the pathway to getting that developer dream job. We talked about the learning required and what proficiency is needed for a good job. I also wanted to show them what a good developer resume looks like. It was our goal to eventually have something like this. I told them that a resume is great but it’s the portfolio we wanted to emphasize. And our learning path helps them with the projects to build that.

I deferred future sessions until they are further into the learning path. I don’t want them spending money on my guidance until they are a bit more qualified. But I told this person that I’m always available (for free) if they have routine questions. I also like to check up on their progress. In the future, we’ll schedule sessions to make their resume and portfolio really good. And I have no doubt we’ll succeed in getting them a great tech job!

Financial benefit: This is to be determined. But we did talk about this in our first session. We talked about developer salaries and how high they are (higher than they currently make). We talked about how many developers work at smaller companies and their equity builds into something huge. And there’s always the option of being a founder!

Finally, I wanted to keep their costs low. I expect that when they eventually combine learning costs and career coaching costs, it will be less than what they make just getting freelancing experience. In other words, the whole program will pay for itself!

Career Coaching Example 3 – Making The Job Application Great

career coaching job application

Situation: This person wanted career coaching because their job search wasn’t working. They applied to 5-10 jobs every day and never seemed to hear back from them. This was extremely discouraging! They found us but weren’t sure if career coaching would help. So we emailed back and forth to see if we had ideas that might achieve better job search results. Eventually, we agreed that we were right for them.

How we helped: We noticed their job applications needed a lot of work. First, they kept applying on popular job boards. We explained that this is why they never heard back. Either their resumes were being filtered out by software or they were competing against hundreds of people (making their chances less than 1%). So we did a lot of things over 2 sessions:

  • Made their resume stand out a lot better
  • Tried to find the hiring manager rather than applying over those job boards
  • Customized the resume to individual jobs. Quality over quantity
  • Worked on a mini-portfolio
  • Made their best qualifications really stand out in the job application. Cover letter, resume, and portfolio

Eventually, they got the job! It took a bit of work but we got there.

Financial benefit: Over two sessions, they got a lot of benefit. Their current approach yielded no results. They were just wasting time and getting frustrated. Our career coaching work got them a job sooner. It got them a better job than they already had. And it was actually a better job than most they were applying to. And we know they can negotiate better in the future because their resume is in much better shape. The financial benefit was huge here.


Career Coaching Example 4 – A Job Abroadcareer coaching job abroad

Situation: In this example, we were working with someone that loved our lifestyle pages. They dreamed of becoming a digital nomad or even a tech pioneer in another country. They didn’t want to move around every week or month but wanted to get a job in another continent. Since we have a lot of experience there, we had many ideas about how to make this happen.

How we helped: We decided that the best entry toward working abroad was translation and marketing. This person had outstanding language skills and experience with online marketing. So we worked on first becoming a freelancer in Europe. Europe is unique because you can travel around all year. And they have great programs for expats to eventually get jobs.

We showed this person how to find freelance gigs, how to sell their qualifications and value, and the path to advancing from there. Our plan was to freelance and build a really good resume. During that time, they can travel around and work at the same time. And once their resume was ready, they would apply to full-time jobs as an expat. Since they already demonstrated mobility and skills, their candidacy would look great.

Financial benefit: There is big financial benefit here. We only had one session so the cost wasn’t too big. And we determined that their rates online were much greater than the local job rates in their home country. In other words, they were taking clients from places that paid a lot and living in places where living costs are low. Their expected take home pay was much higher than they were used to! Definitely a good financial move for them.


Career Coaching Example 5 – Learning About Industrycareer coaching lifestyle

Situation: In our final career coaching example, we’ll talk about a person that didn’t have any specific goals. They were just dissatisfied with their career. They didn’t like their job. And they wanted to do something different but had no idea what to do. They wanted our guidance on career direction rather than applying for anything specific.

How we helped: We love these clients because they’re brave enough to admit their current situation is unsatisfactory. And the first step is to list alternatives that make them happy. That was the ultimate goal here. It wasn’t financial but more about lifestyle and general happiness. So we spent 3 sessions just talking. We went industry by industry, job by job, and talked about pros and cons of each.

This client really appreciated our experience across many industries, geographies, skills, etc. They took a big interest in our futurology perspective too. The last thing they wanted was to find a great career and then see it get automated. They wanted to be in an exciting, high-growth industry. And they were fascinated to talk about future predictions.

Financial benefit: As we said, they didn’t care about financial benefits. That’s ok. We still talked about it so they understood this as one variable. But we focused more in lifestyle and satisfaction. You can’t put a price on being happy!


Be The Next One We Work With

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