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Career Coach: Let Reverse Tide Help You

Everyone has different career goals and unique ideas about how to achieve them. Using our experience, innovative ideas, and wisdom… we want to work with you. Our career coach service is intended to help you achieve career greatness!

With this service, we will work with you directly. The price entitles you to a one-hour phone or Skype session with Dan. Any career topic or goal is on the table. And we can do as many of these sessions as you want. The only rule is that we are committed to seeing you benefit professionally!

$225 / hour session

career coach service

Frequently Asked Questions 


1 – What services do we offer as a career coach?

The $225 per hour session is the lowest price I’ve seen online from any career coach, counselor, or other such service. And despite being lowest cost, I’m confident we’re offering more quantity and quality than anyone else. Our career coach service is completely your time and open to any topic you’d like to discuss.

Some common things people choose:

  • Creating resumes, portfolios, cover letters, and other job application materials
  • Mock interviews (with feedback and coaching)
  • People looking to change careers but unsure what field or how to make the switch
  • People unfulfilled in their career and looking for a change better aligning with their goals and lifestyle
  • People that want to improve their career, whether by making more money, getting promoted, or taking on new responsibilities
  • Full-time workers that want to be freelancers or entrepreneurs but are uncertain on how to take that next step
  • Existing freelancers that want some custom help
  • People simply looking for a second opinion or differing perspective

No matter what you’re looking for, we’re here to help.


2 – Why are you qualified to be a career coach?

As you can see from this website, we do a lot of work in the career spaces. Reverse Tide has qualifications across many industries, job functions, and backgrounds.

But we don’t focus on past experiences. We talk about the future. We talk about what we’re going to achieve for you. And that’s creativity, forward-thinking, innovation, and standing out. These are the same things we want you to bring to your career.

If you want to do the same thing everyone else does, we’d suggest choosing a different career coach. You’ll be average, ordinary, and non-disruptive. If you want to be unique, stand out in your career, and maximize success… this is what we specialize in!


3 – Can you guarantee a job?

No. Nobody should ever make guarantees. But we will definitely help you. We will give you new ideas, motivation, and great advice. Our focus will be on improvement and building you up in every way. And in our book, that’s worth the money. It should pay for itself in terms of financial benefit.


4 – What if I want more than one career coach session?

We encourage this. It’s difficult to take advice once and move on to success. If that’s what you want, we’d suggest checking out our Resume Review or Job Application Review services. But you can use this time however you choose.

More than likely, you’ll want several sessions. We’ll talk about a career topic. We’ll give you ideas and some to-dos. And once you accomplish that, we’ll schedule more time to go ever further. There’s no limit to how far we can go together!


5 – I can’t decide if this is right. It’s a bit expensive…

It is expensive, however, most career coaches charge a lot more. And we promise you’ll get more value from us. This is an investment in your future. Everything we do will focus on achieving greater financial success and better life satisfaction. It’s hard to put a price on that. But we think it ends up paying for itself many times over.


6 – Do you offer refunds?

Please see our refund policy in section XIX of the Terms & Conditions (which you can see in the form below).


7 – Can I get free advice?

If you email us, we’re happy to help with simple questions. We’re also happy to clarify anything about our services and whether they are right for you.

But when you sign up for career coach services, we’re going to go in-depth. We want to really focus on you and your goals. This requires payment to compensate for the time/value we spend on you.


8 – Ok this is great. How can I proceed?

Scroll down a little and find our form. We just need some information (name, email, and any documents you want to attach). If you have a resume or other career documents, feel free to attach them. This helps us determine what we need to work on.

After you complete the form, we ask for first session payment. The first session we ask you to pay in advance. Future sessions will accept payment after. You can pay on paypal via credit card.

After you finish paying, we will be in touch within a day or two. We’ll schedule time to chat via phone or Skype. And we’ll determine what topic you want to discuss. If you just want general guidance, that’s fine too. From there, we can go any direction of your choosing!

Buy the Career Coach Service Now

Instructions: Complete the form below. The red asterisk indicates required fields but the more information you provide, the better we can target your unique situation and goals. At the bottom, after you click submit, you will be redirected to Paypal for payment. After payment, we will be in touch with further information (via the email you provide)!

  • Please complete this accurately, as this is where we will communicate to schedule our time
  • Please only attach pdf or MS Word files
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  • Your website, online portfolio links, LinkedIn page, etc
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Customer acknowledges that success in any education or career endeavor is fully attributed to his or her performance, qualifications, and skill within the job application process and that it is fully his or her choice about what actions to take post-Service. Customer acknowledges he or she is fully responsibility for any education and career choices and outcomes, and assumes all risk in his or her post-Service choices and performance IX. NO GUARANTEE Customer acknowledges that neither Reverse Tide nor Daniel Perry provide any guarantees of outcome including but not limited to financial benefit, employment, sales enhancement, or accomplishment of goals. Service is provided as described on the Service page and offers nothing above and beyond the description. X. COMPLIANCE WITH INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS When accessing the Site or using the Service, you agree to obey the law and to respect the intellectual property rights of others. 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Written email confirmation is required to request a refund. - Full or partial refund if the service is performed but the customer deems it unsatisfactory within 5 calendar days of the service being delivered. We will work with the customer on the source of their dissatisfaction and offer a refund if it cannot be resolved. Written email confirmation is required to request a refund. Because we make it very clear that we do not guarantee any professional, educational, financial, or any other outcomes and the service fee is for the ideas, perspectives, and recommendations outlined in each service’s scope, we do not offer refunds 5 calendar days after the service has been delivered. At this point, all sales are final.
  • Price: $225.00