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Perhaps the thing Reverse Tide is most excited about is Biotechnology. There is so much potential to intersect the amazing scientific advances in biology with all the emerging technology of the coming decade. And the outcomes are beneficial to all of us. Living longer, healthier lives. Discovering how our body works and maximizing its performance. And learning more than we ever thought possible.

Biotechnology is a massive field and there’s no way we could train you to do everything in it. However, we want to focus on the core topics and then provide some advice on specializing. A lot of these subjects might require a more traditional education path. Howevever, others do not. Here’s how we will cover this page…

table of contentsI. Introduction As you’re reading now, we’ll overview Biotech and discuss the best way to learn.

II. The Biotech Learning Path The best way to learn the fundamentals of this subject. 

III. Biotech Career Services Since our learning path is outcome driven, we want to help you accomplish your professional goals and get a great job

So flip the tab, discover the outcomes you can expect from gaining this skill, how to best learn it, and then get started in enhancing your learning and career!

Reverse Tide’s Biotechnology Learning Path is outcome focused. This is where we’re unique… the topics of study, the sources, and the emphasis on quickly getting real experience are designed to give you real skills and allow you to easily find work in this field. Here are just a few of the many ways to use these skills…

Primary Biotech Career Examplescareer dream

  • Biology-focused data scientist
  • Biomedical engineers
  • Medical researcher
  • Medical providers (doctors, etc)

Examples of Biotech as a Career Supplement

  • People in the health care industry wanting to stay on the cutting edge
  • Determining how you can be part of one of the most exciting and lucrative emerging industries
  • Making better decisions about your own health

The Learning Path you see in Section II of this page is designed to teach you the Biotechnology fundamentals so you can start to become more engaged in this industry. We have spent countless hours determining the best learning sources for this goal.

learning pathSo here’s how we recommend doing it…

1 – Technology Skills. The difference between biology and biotechnology is obviously the word technology. You need to leverage the most important tech skills and tools to get ahead in this field. We’ll help you develop some of the most important tech skills.

2 – Biology / Health Science. This is nothing close to med school level training. However, if you want to utilize your tech skills in the bioscience industry, you need to understand the fundamentals of this subject. You should understand this subject at a level that allows you to speak the industry’s terminology and build into a specialization

3 – Become Immersed. This is an emerging field. New discoveries and methods are being used every day. Technology keeps making more and more possible. You need to immerse yourself in this industry with you job, learning, reading, and more. We’ll help you with this.

In Section II, we’ll show you Reverse Tide’s Learning Path and then later on, we’ll give you all the resources you need to be successful in your career. So let’s do it!

Reverse Tide is the internet’s leader in providing comprehensive reverse tide learninglearning on the modern economy’s most important professional skills. Unlike traditional universities, training programs, and other formal learning programs, we focus on five core goals…

1 – Topical. We only focus on the skills most important to today’s modern economy. If the economy changes, we change (although we predict where things are headed in advance).

2 – Comprehensive. We cover the totality of subjects needed to become job-ready.

3 – Efficient. We don’t waste time or resources on meaningless material. We tell you why you should learn each subject in the path toward proficiency.

4 – Affordable. Each learning curriculum costs under $1,000 for both education and career services. However, the idea is this is an investment that pays for itself through career enhancement.

5 – Career Enhancing. We focus on the skills and practices that get you hired into well-paying jobs. No fluff, administration, fancy degrees/certificates. Just great education and even better career services.

Nope we’re not traditional and that’s our great strength! If you want to hang a diploma on the wall or have letters next to your name, best to go elsewhere. If you want to learn Biotechnology the right way and give yourself the best chance at a great job, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Reverse Tide Learning.


Let’s get started. On the left, each tab represents a subject. Eachbiotech data science one will have learning materials that help you learn the fundamentals of the biotech industry. These are top learning sources so we expect that by the end, you’ll be well positioned to start getting experience.

You have two choices. You can learn each of these subjects or skip around based on your own unique goals. We suggest doing them all, as it will help you be well-rounded and versatile, which is very important in an advanced subject like this. Here we go…

Data Science

The ‘technology’ of biotechnology can be primarily captured by the subject of data science. No single bit of technology will have more influence on the biotech field than big data and all the ways of using it. When it comes to any living thing, the amount of complexity to facilitate life is beyond comprehension. However, we can capture data points to understand it better. When these data points are in the trillions and beyond, you need sophisticated data and technology techniques to capture, store, and make sense of it. That’s where this skill comes in.

By learning data science, you are positioning yourself well in this field. Reverse Tide’s prediction is that there will be one data scientist for every doctor in the coming years (as we develop sensors to proactively monitor every aspect of health). The same will go for those studying other life forms and doing lab research.

We have an entire learning path for this. We think it’s worthwhile to do it in its entirety and reap the benefits later. Build data skills, get experience (even if it’s outside of biology), and then come back to develop the biology knowledge later. This is the way to optimally learn!

Here’s our link – Data Science Learning Path 

learn data science

Biology Introduction

Introduction… Hopefully you’ve now covered the tech side of things and we suggest data science as the way to start. But it’s time to start building your biology knowledge. This is critical to work in this field. You should at least have an intermediate level of knowledge so you can apply your skills in a useful way. 

So we’ll start with an introduction to the field that overviews many of biology’s most important topics…

  • online course


    Khan Academy always does a great job with introductory courses and has the benefit of being free. So we think this is the top way to introduce yourself to core concepts.

    Click to Get Started

3D Biology

Introduction… We absolutely love how this biology course is taught. It’s starting to use the benefits of technology by showing you 3D models of the concepts they discuss. This is still introductory/intermediate level material but taught in a more interactive way (perfect for technologists). We see this as a replacement for the Khan Academy course but since it’s paid, we want to give you options! 

There are FOUR parts to this series and many hours of instruction. Each part is sold separately but start with Part 1 linked below.

  • online course

    3D Biology – Part 1

    This links to part 1 and then when finished, you can navigate to parts 2-4.

    Click to Get Started


Introduction… The first more detailed area of biology is biochemistry and concerns the chemical processes happening within a living organism. Your intro class would have overviewed this and now it’s time to dig deeper.

When it comes to biotech, this is a very important topic. It gets into the science of pharmaceuticals, nutrition, external stimulants on health, and so much more. You will be studying many of these topics within the biotech world… 

  • online course

    Biochemistry – By AK Lectures

    290 videos in this Youtube playlist make this a very complete view of the subject. Feel free to jump around so you don’t get bored but this is a great resource for you.

    Click to Get Started

Molecular Biology

Introduction… Getting even more detailed, it’s good to get down to the lowest levels and see how cells and molecules interact within the larger organism. 

  • online course

    Molecular Biology

    This is the first of a three part series on Molecular Biology taught by MIT through EdX. You should try to take all three courses to get the most from this subject

    Click to Get Started

Systems Biology

Introduction… Going from the smallest up to the system as a whole, this is a core concept of what biotech seeks to better understand. How do all these complex parts work together to form such intricate systems. And then of course how can we better understand when something goes wrong or how to optimize it?

  • online course

    Systems Biology

    This is a six part specialization but has some awesome content. It starts by introducing the content but then gets into more technology based concepts and methods. Really good for the biotech aspirant

    Click to Get Started


Introduction… One of the biggest ways biotechnology is being used is in understanding our genetic material. The Human Genome Project got that started and based on such learnings, countless more questions are now on the table. Using big data and other sophisticated technology, we are on the verge of discovering so much more about how life develops and evolves. Two recommendations here: first, understand the role of individual genes and then taking that up to the full genome…

  • online course

    Useful Genetics Part 1

    This is a nice place to start, as it gets into the most important aspects of genetics. Then continue on with Part 2

    Click to Get Started
  • online course

    The Genomic Era

    This course is a good introduction to the study of genomics, which considers the full human genome. It forecasts what is possible in the coming years from using this science.

    Click to Get Started
  • online course

    Genomic Data Science

    It’s really exciting that Coursera is offering this specialization, as it’s incredibly useful for those in the industry. As we’ve said, the potential here is enormous. This is a great step to get involved.

    Click to Get Started
  • site

    Genomics Websites

    There are tons of great genomics websites out there. They chart some of the news, discoveries, and perspectives within the industry. A few good ones to bookmark and following along:

    Genome Web
    Mass Genomics
    GenEn News


Introduction… Bioinformatics is starting to put everything together. This is the sector of biotech that we see the most potential in. It uses all the data collected to learn more about our biology (and hopefully generate positive outcomes based on these learnings).

It works very well with the data science skills you’ve completed and the biology knowledge from the tabs above. 

  • online course


    This is another Coursera specialization and works really well within this learning path. This will set you up with some really good credentials in this field. Enjoy!

    Click to Get Started

More Science

Don’t just stop with these learning sources. Honestly, this is a mistake of our education culture where we promote one-time learning. In a field like science and especially ones at the preliminary stages like biotech, you need to be constantly learning. Things change every day. New discoveries, better technology, and constant progress are guaranteed attributes of this industry.

We’ve compiled a list of good sources to bookmark and follow. This is far from exhaustive. We encourage you to find other sources more closely related to the niche you’re interested in most. Here are a few more generic ones…

Science Daily
Scientific American
The Medical Futurist

Journal of Experimental Biology
Reddit Biotech
Biotechnology Focus


career servicesOur Biotech Strategy & Analysis Learning Path is comprehensive and we applaud you if you completed it in full or even if you picked the things that were most applicable to you.

Now comes the fun part. Learning these subjects is interesting and personally beneficial but it’s typically done for one reason… to benefit your career! 

So we are offering something you can’t find anywhere else on the internet. We’re offering something that universities are doing a very poor job of these days and formal training programs most certainly don’t do.

We’re providing Career Services specific to Biotech. The objective is to get you a job! We want to work with you to get you the top experience and into an exciting career.

We do it all! This section provides tons of resources to help you accomplish your specific career goals!

Building a Top Resume

You’ve now built amazing analysis qualifications from our mix of skills, experience, and more.resume standout So how do you build that into a crazy good resume that gets you hired?

We’ve assembled a guide that helps create the best resume among your peers. It uses the most modern, creative, and eye-catching ways of writing your qualifications and impressing employers.

With this guide, you get the following benefits…

  • 15 innovative, attractive resume templates
  • Tons of examples
  • The resume styles employers like
  • How to highlight your top qualifications
  • A lot of modern insight you don’t get anywhere else

For more information and to sign up, visit our Building a Top Resume Guide Page

Writing an Amazing Cover Letter

Cover letters are the first thing employers will see when you’re applying to them. So you certainly want it to look good and make a strong case for you to get the job!Amazing cover letter

Our guide is intended to help you with writing the most effective cover letter of your life. We want it to be attention-getting, persuasive, and converting (just like a good advertisement!). So here’s how we’ll do it…

  • The elements to include in your cover letters (hint, it’s different than everyone else does it)
  • Tons of examples of great cover letters
  • Alternatives to the common letter format
  • A bit of job application specific sales psychology

For more information and to sign up, check out our page Writing Amazing Cover Letters Guide

Create a Professional Portfolio

In any analytical field, you should be familiar with the idea of a professional portfolio. You want to show employers how you can earn them Professional Portfoliorevenue and instances of doing that in the past. After all, that’s what every business does so why wouldn’t you do the same?

In this guide, we’ll teach you about what the best professional portfolios look like. This way you can demonstrate and prove your qualifications rather than simply stating them. More specifically, here’s what we’ll do…

  • What are all the things you can put in your professional portfolio?
  • Where can you house it and how can you present it to employers?
  • Tons of examples and resources to make your portfolio great

For more information or to sign up, visit our page – Creating a Professional Portfolio Guide

Owning the Interview

The interview is the equivalent of closing the sale. This is when you’re getting more personalized and discussing theinterview guide terms of whether the professional arrangement is mutually beneficial. Just like anything in management, this requires a lot of preparation.

In this guide, we want you to own the interview and get that dream job. We’ll talk all about outstanding interview preparation and even better execution so you’re as successful as possible. Specifically, we’ll go into depth on the following…

  • The important things to prove to the hirer during an interview
  • The preparation that can vastly improve your results
  • A bunch of mock interviews for all the common interview formats
  • Other considerations and resources to make you the best interviewer you can possibly be

For more information or to sign up, visit our page Owning the Interview Guide

The Business Proposal

In Biotech, you’re going to spend a lot of time writing proposals. Whether you’re proposing initiatives to upper managers, investors, customers, suppliers, etcbusiness proposal or are pitching your own business, getting the proposal right is crucial to being successful in this function.

In this guide, we’ll go into a lot of depth on how to write winning business proposals. We’ll approach it from the perspective of someone writing a job proposal and all the things needed to achieve success. More specifically, we’ll discuss the following…

  • What are the important elements to include in a good business proposal?
  • We’ll do three real examples… a short, medium, and long proposal

For more information or to sign up, visit our page The Business Proposal Guide

Increasing Freelance Sales

A lot of people are looking to get involved in freelancing these days. It’s an easy way to run your own business and thus has a lot of parallels with the business skill-set you’ve developed. This is definitely an interesting career choice, as you’re capable of helping so many companies and doing so on increase freelance salesyour own terms (rather than going through an agency). You can choose your specialty, choose your sales targets, and once you win the work can choose how you approach it.

The disadvantage to freelancing is you have to do your own sales. This guide is aimed at the freelancer and the many ways to boost their sales results. We have tons of resources, examples, and sales methods specific to freelancing. Here’s what you get in this guide:

  • The Business Proposal Guide for free
  • Boosting your qualifications to optimal levels
  • Having a great sales strategy and positioning yourself for success with top tactics
  • Developing great negotiation skills

For more information or to sign up, visit our page – Increasing Freelance Sales Guide 

Freelance Gigs to Lucrative Business

Continuing our freelance series, we want you to make the most of freelancing. Going from gig to gig and client to client is fine but you have so many opportunities freelance business expansionto make it something bigger. You can turn this into a full business that earns really well (without it solely depending on your sales and execution).

In this guide, we get serious about freelancing and formulate all the ways to turn this into something much more lucrative to you as business owner. Specifically, we’ll cover…

  • Performing at your absolute best in the gigs themselves so you can establish a great reputation
  • Negotiating increasingly better deals during and after the gigs
  • All the business concepts and resources you’ll need to build your business

For more information or to sign up for this guide, visit our page at Freelance Gigs to Lucrative Business Guide

1 on 1 Career Help For You

As you can see from our Biotechnology Learning Path and all the career guides here, we take your skills and job prospects very Reverse Tide blogseriously. We simply want you to do the best you possibly can. With that said, everything above is generic. Which means the only thing left is working with you directly!

We allocate a small number of slots each day to working with the Reverse Tide community directly. Among the services we offer…

  • Helping you learn 1 on 1 (custom learning for your specific goals)
  • Helping you apply for biotech jobs, write proposals, or submit freelance applications
  • Resume reviews, professional portfolio or cover letter reviews, and mock interviews. Get your specific materials in the best possible state!
  • Any custom career topics you need help with. We’re here to help and coach you to success

For more information or to sign up for a time slot today, visit our page Reverse Tide Personalized Career Services

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