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Biotech is the next subject in The Tech Pioneer Learning Series. Everyone wants to improve their health. It has unlimited demand and thus a market larger than any other topic. And biotech doesn’t just span the human body but plants/agriculture, food science, and more. Biotechnology is simply the intersection of technology advances and biology. It’s nothing new. However, we’re on the cusp of advances we’ve never seen before. And the Tech Pioneer is leading the charge.

Backing up a step, Reverse Tide offers two learning page types:.

1 – Learning Paths. These are the most important skills of our time. Learning these will set you up to do any number of job types. This includes things like Programming, Data Science, International Business, Marketing, and more.

2 – The Tech Pioneer Learning Series. This is where we take a highly demanded skill (mostly in tech) and help with getting started in learning and working in the field. However, since these subjects change so rapidly, we give you sources and ideas to get started and immerse yourself in the field. In these subjects, you’re a pioneer and evolving the future of that technology just by being involved. It’s not just about learning how to do a skill but defining the skill for the world!

In this page, we’ll cover three topics related to Biotech:

I. How to learn the basics of Biotech

II. How to get immersed in the industry

III. Where the opportunities are and how to become a Biotech Pioneer

Ok, let’s get started…

I. Learning the Basics

Remember that biotechnology is simply the merging of technology and biology. So you’ll want to learn a little of both. And if you know where you want to specialize (we have some ideas in part III below), you can target your learning.

When it comes to technology, there are many resources you can use to get to an advanced level.

First is to use our Biotechnology Learning Path. We combine
learn biotechnologytwo subjects here: data science and biology learning. The idea is to come in with the tech skills and science knowledge. That’s a combination not many have right now and is going to be in hot demand in the coming years. A lot of biotech jobs do require a degree but your degree can be in anything. This learning path will get you the resume you need to get the jobs you’ll want.

If you want to get a formal degree in biotech, there are plenty of options. Some schools actually have a major or graduate program called biotechnology. You could also major in data science or programming and supplement with our biology learning or vice versa. A few other options: biomedical engineering, microbiology, genomics, biochemistry, bioinformatics, health care, or food sciences. There are probably more but these will be the most common. Medical school is an option but probably a bit of overkill unless you want to be an MD and build the tech skills as a supplement. To make a long story shorter, there are tons of options and all will lead you down the biotech path.

II. Getting Immersed

Like every field of science and technology, advances are coming in rapidly. There is a lot of money being invested in this field and investors want big results. So we’d suggest following the industry closely and learning through immersion. You’ll be immersed in biotechimpressive if you understand the latest trends, findings, and advances in this industry.

We aren’t going to repeat ourselves. Refer to the Biotechnology Learning Path above and you’ll see some of the sites we’d suggest following. You will also want to get experience by any means necessary. A few options

  • Freelancing for biotech firms
  • Internships to gain experience
  • Getting involved in lab work
  • Working with professors or other professionals
  • On the tech side, doing projects and building a portfolio
  • Just getting a job at biology, medicine, or other related fields

The idea is that you’re building a strong network and are on the front line of all the cool advances in this field. There are so many amazing opportunities in this field that simply by being present willing, and qualified, many will fall into your lap.


III. Become a Biotech Pioneer 

As we have consistently mentioned, biotech is a massive field. It covers many topics that are only partially related to each other. Thus we can’t mention every opportunity available… there are thousands and some aren’t even fathomable right now. However, we want to help you narrow your focus and give some ideas about what would be interesting to pursue further.

The following things have the potential to be revolutionary, make huge impacts in the world, and be extremely lucrative to the people that solve such problems…

1 – Body sensors.

This is far and away the most exciting thing in the field. Imagine inserting small sensors throughout your body that monitor your health real-time. It will store data about every aspect of your health (heartbeat, breathing, blood readings, and so much more). If something goes abnormal it will alert you instantly so you can decide whether this is an emerging health issue or even an emergency. Pretty much every health topic will be instantly revolutionized. A few examples…

Heart disease patients can insert these sensors to determine blood flow and if there are any dangerous blockages in your arteries. It can monitor the heart itself and its performance. And this information is then stored by doctors to customize treatments accordingly.

We will all have the data to assess nutrition. Instead of those silly studies about whether biotech sensorsome food/drink leads to cancer, we can monitor the effects of everything you consume real-time. Not only will you know how your body reacts to everything you ingest but health professionals can share data among large pools of people to make those studies accurate.

Imagine being able to detect cancer the instant it materializes.

We will be able to customize an exercise plan, sleep plan, diet plan, and more to what our body reacts to best.

So much more!

This technology isn’t too far away. We’re already able to monitor sleep, how many steps you take, heartbeat, and other vital signs. But that will only advance to greater capabilities. This will revolutionize medicine… what we know, how we monitor, how we diagnose, and how we treat our health. Knowing how this works and playing a part in it will be huge.

2 – Curing the worst diseases.

As we progress toward getting more information about things like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, viral diseases, and more… we will take major steps biotech cure diseasetoward curing or properly treating these diseases. Treatment is already prolonging lives and helping people cope with these conditions. However, as the sensors diagnose these earlier and more precisely, and as we concurrently develop treatment options to better target the disease, we may be able to eradicate them. As you can see, the potential here is unbelievable.

3 – Genetics.

While we’ve mapped the human genome, we’ve also discovered so much more. We’ve observed that genetics plays a huge role in how the body develops and functions. We’ve seen that the genome changes over a person’s life. And with big data and AI starting to come to fruition, we have so much more to discover here. Can we be capable of things like genetic engineering? Can we reverse genetic disease? A lot of this may be possible in the coming decade or two. Being on the front lines is super exciting.

4 – Neuroscience.

As much as we know about other areas of the body, the brain is still a big mystery to the health community. biotech neuroscience It is so complex and we’re only developing the technology recently to study basic things. Again, however, with big data and AI, that potentially grows exponentially. Ditto with brain sensors that can start to make sense of how the brain operates.

Might we see a day where we can interface the brain with technology? Might we see a day where we can transmit media or communication with only our thoughts? These things are all common in the science fiction world but big advances here might see it come to fruition.

5 – Agricultural Yield.

This has been a challenge since the beginning of time. How can we ensure enough food and other useful agricultural production for our population? Can we genetically engineer food to yield more or grow faster? Or to be more nutritious? Can we figure out an efficient way of growing food in urban areas? Can we ensure there are no dangerous side effects to these modifications? This is big business and the foundation of our lives. And thus it’s an exciting problem to continue tackling and improving.

6 – Medical robotics

At some stage, robots will take over the medical field. They will be more precise in any medical procedure and use all the data from body sensors to ensure optimal results. Human error is still a big problem in the medical field. And we still rely on judgment using limited information to diagnose and treat health issues. Robotics can automate that, vastly improve the quality, and eliminate the mistakes.

Likewise, we may even have small robots inside of our body. These robots might be capable of releasing a drug at the exact time it will be most effective. We might use robotics to regenerate or replace body parts or provide artificial enhancements. The innovative possibilities are endless here.



No matter what you choose, becoming a Tech Pioneer in biotech is a great choice. You will be working on the technology that defines our next generation. You’ll be making scientific discoveries that are revolutionary and will potentially extend lifespan. And of course there are fortunes to be made in this field.

Exciting times! We wish you the best on your journey. For more of our thoughts and perspectives on biotech and some of the other exciting technologies, refer to our page – The Future. And for other interesting lifestyles in this space, remember our page – The Tech Pioneer