Our Tech Pioneer Learning Series continues with one of the most exciting – how to learn Artificial Intelligence. The possibilities here are endless, as machines become “intelligent beings” capable of using mass quantities of data to learn, perform complex functions independent of humans, and even achieve a level of intelligence beyond human capability.

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, we are very bullish on its potential. While many react with fear out of AI taking jobs, we take a different view. We believe it will merely shift jobs into different functions and different responsibilities like every tech advance in history has done. AI has actually been around for a while and is already being used to do many important functions today. But it accelerates every day. We think it will be a great thing for the world and a very exciting career path for anyone that chooses it.

When it comes to learning, Reverse Tide has two different learning page types:

Learning Paths. These are the most important skills of our time. Learning these will set you up to do any number of job types. This includes things like Programming, Data Science, International Business, Marketing, and more.

The Tech Pioneer Learning Series. Here we take a highly demanded skill (mostly in tech) and help with getting started in learning and working in the field. However, since these subjects change so rapidly, we give you sources and ideas to get started and immerse yourself in the field. In these subjects, you’re a pioneer and evolving the future of that technology just by being involved. It’s not just about learning how to do a skill but defining the skill for the world!

Here’s what we will cover in this long article…

I. The basics to learn Artificial Intelligence

II. How to get immersed in AI

III. Where the opportunities are and how to become an AI Tech Pioneer

Ok, let’s get started…

I. Learn Artificial Intelligence – The Basics

The starting point to learn artificial intelligence is undoubtedly with Reverse Tide’s Data Science Learning Path. All AI and Machine Learning topics start with this path, as it gets you the programming knowledge (in R learn data scienceand/or Python), the statistics knowledge, and the big data capabilities. All of these subjects are covered and are pre-requisite to using it for advanced topics like AI.

This learning path will take a lot of time to complete. With dedicated learning, it may take somewhere between 6-18 months. However, it emphasizes learning the most applicable skills and building your experience through projects and freelancing. If you can finish this, you’re going to be very well qualified to get a job in AI or at a level where you’re capable of starting your own shop.

Don’t be fooled by the title. You absolutely need to learn data science and become an expert before moving on to a subject like machine learning.


II. Learn Artificial Intelligence – Getting Immersed

The next step to learn artificial intelligence is through immersion. We have two immersion steps. First is data science. We give you suggestions for coding contests, large projects, and using other datasets to build something useful.

Second, you will want to immerse yourself in the possibilities of AI or one of its sects like machine learning. Here are a few sources to help you integrate into the AI community…

artificial intelligence learningArtificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach – This is probably the leading source in Artificial Intelligence. A lot of this is taking the data science curriculum (that we linked before) to the next level. But it’s very necessary to start really taking this seriously.

You’re likely to want to get some more structured help. Udacity’s Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree can help with that. While it’s more expensive than other self-learn options, it is a valuable credential. There aren’t tons of people with good AI experience in the marketplace and yet pretty much every company in the world can benefit from it. So consider that as a great guide.

Two other good courses (but less comprehensive) are EdX’s Artificial Intellgience Course and Coursera’s Machine Learning Course. Both are highly rated and AI immersive. However, you’ll also have to supplement with self-learning and outside projects to get a job in this field. Learning Machines 101 is another nice site in helping people learn and grow in this subject.

Beyond pure learning, consider immersion among AI and big data communities. Use our learning path for some of the data science specific resources. Here are a few AI ones…

Deep Mind
Open AI

Conferences:data science ai

This Week In Machine Learning & AI

AI Subreddit
Machine Learning Subreddit


III. Become an AI Pioneer 

Once you successfully learn artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other subsets, it’s time to put it to good use. There are a decent number of jobs out there right now but it will undoubtedly accelerate in the coming years. By building such a technical and useful skill-set, there are so many possibilities in using it. We see daily advances, preventing a fully exhaustive prediction. However, we have a few ideas to get you moving in the right direction…

1 – Big Data. Machine learning already exists right now. Most companies are extracting large sums of data and building algorithms to use the data for some purpose. All the Internet of Things devices do this. Companies like Amazon and Netflix predict what you might want to consume next. Internally, many companies use such data for targeted marketing, customer service, quality control, and much more.

General data scientists comprise many of the market’s most demanded jobs. You don’t have to go that next step toward Artificial Intelligence. You can do quite well and work on interesting projects in the big data world. So definitely consider that, at least as a start.

2 – Biotech. Refer to our Biotech page for more details. However, we think the biggest use of AI will be understanding our body and using it for customized health care. We think small ai biotechsensors in the body will monitor our health, diagnose issues, and be used for custom treatments. Combining a data science and health science learning and career path can be extremely powerful. You can revolutionize the medical world and potentially cure things like cancer, diabetes, and other major health disorders.

3 – Neuroscience. Along a similar line, you can specialize a bit more on the neuroscience side of AI. This takes many forms. You might study the more theoretical side of how humans think, feel, and interpret the world around them, and then how they ultimately make decisions. That’s the core of what AI is trying to replicate. On a more technical level, there is a lot of speculation about using technology to interface with the brain itself. While this is probably decades away, this field is yielding exciting research. Either way, neuroscience is a hot field to be in right now and definitely worth your consideration.

4 – Practical AI uses. There are so many things that are less than 5 years away from mass market release. Self-driving cars get a lot of press and are probably already safer than human drivers (in aggregate). Siri and Alexa are regularly advancing capabilities. Other things like language translation, facial recognition, traffic systems, etc are improving regularly. And a lot of companies are working on other uses of AI to automate routine tasks like accounting, data storage and retention, customer service, and other low-skill work. These are where the jobs will be in the next 5 years. If it interests you, build up your skills and use Reverse Tide to create awesome portfolios and resumes for the job hunt.

5 – Revolutionize the world! We repeat this often but AI and every form of emerging technology are in their infant stages. We are still defining its possibilities. And as a Tech Pioneer, we expect you to be the one to define it. Mark Cuban recently said that the first trillionaire will build something in AI. We fully agree. AI can reproduce the work of an unlimited number of people and in a fraction of the time. Build something useful and the amount of value you can create is limitless. It is exponentially higher than what is fathomable today. Even if you don’t get to that scale, you can still do big things.


IV. Final Considerations

Congratulations in your decision to learn artificial intelligence and all it’s sub-topics. No matter what you choose, becoming a Tech Pioneer in AI is a great choice. You will be working on the technology that defines our next generation. It will be exciting work. There is unlimited earning potential. And since you can learn and eventually be a developer remotely, you can even combine it with the Roaming Student or Digital Nomad lifestyle too.

Exciting times! We wish you the best on your journey. For more of our thoughts and perspectives on AI and some of the other exciting technologies, refer to our page – The Future. And once you learn and develop qualifications, make sure you check back to Reverse Tide for Career Services…

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