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Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey everyone!

We just want to offer a full disclosure about some of the links to outside products and services. One of Reverse Tide’s main sources of income is through affiliate marketing. This means that if you click one of the links to an external site and end up purchasing whatever product/service is being offered (or other items for sale on that site), we may make a referral commission. You’ll notice we offer a lot of links to products/services of all different types on this site. Since the list of companies we are affiliated with is quite long, you should assume we receive financial compensation in some way when you purchase from any and all sites we link to.

Remember, this is how we make our money. Without this income source, we couldn’t offer a website like this. However, we try to do so in the most honest, value-add way for the Reverse Tide audience. A few notes:

I. We are not paid simply by putting links on this site. Our income only comes from purchases so that you have time to review what is being offered and decide for yourself if this adds value to your life.

II. We make every effort to only include products/services we’re confident will add value to the audience. We search online for reviews of the website, products, and services and if anything seems suspicious or low-quality, we exclude it. Since we don’t personally sample all referred content, we cannot offer any guarantees but rest assured, we try to filter and only include quality.

III. As we said, you should assume a financial compensation or business arrangement with ALL links on this site. However, a large percentage of links we offer are to free or inexpensive products. We try to be really honest about considering cost to our site users.

IV. We welcome your feedback. If something we link to is so great that it should be featured, we would love to know. If something is low quality and doesn’t belong on our site, also please let us know. As we said, Reverse Tide cannot make guarantees so buyer purchases at their own risk but if you keep us informed, we may consider removing it from our site.

Thanks a lot! If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, let us know at contact@reversetide.com.