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Thanks a lot for your interest in Reverse Tide’s Affiliate Program. This is simple. If you like our offerings and are nice enough to refer us to friends, family, colleagues, or your audience then you might as well share in the rewards. We will give you a special link to our site and if anyone else clicks that link and buys something on Reverse Tide within 30 days, we will share 30% of the sale with you. There is no downside for you… only upside!

It’s the least we can do for those that are supporting Reverse Tide! So click the button below, fill out a short form, and then you’re set to go. We have FAQ’s and other benefits for joining below if you want more information…

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Affiliate FAQs


1 – How does this affiliate program work?

Pretty simple. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to get special links to any Reverse Tide page (that identify it as sourced from you). So it might be something like Once someone clicks that link, we can track any purchases they make and credit it to you (for 30 days).

Our belief is that if people are nice and supportive enough to recommend us to friends, that we should give our appreciation. And this program makes it really easy. Any purchases made will automatically credit you with 30% of the total sale. And then we pay you via Paypal once a month. Pretty simple and easy to use.


2 – Why do you give away money like this?

Affiliate programs are actually pretty popular. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and many of the biggest companies offer similar programs. However, we think our program is even better for two reasons…

First, we’re giving 30% off ALL our products and services, which is a really generous rate.

Second, everything we offer is designed to help people with their career. So you’re not really selling useless things but simply helping a peer and getting rewarded for that.

And from our standpoint, it brings us closer to our community. Rather than having to be pushy with sales, we just let people refer those that need help in their career.

3 – Who would I recommend this to?

Anyone that wants a career boost would likely benefit from our products and services. But here are a few examples:

Anyone applying for a job that needs help with resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and building a strong application.

Graduates that have never been through the job application process and need some extra help

People that want to do something new in their career but aren’t sure how to transition, learn new skills, or even pick a job path

Freelancers that want an extra edge. Either to improve their own sales/business or to transition to full-time work

People that want to get promoted, find a higher paying job, or switch focus.

The list goes on and on. Anyone can benefit. Whether it’s a colleague that wants to do something new, a family member struggling in the job market, or a friend that needs a career boost… we can help!

And if you have a large audience from social media, a blog, or something else… you could make a lot of money by sharing our products and helping anyone that needs such career assistance.

4 – What products are eligible for the 30% referral amount?

Any Reverse Tide paid product is eligible. At this time, here is our list…

General Career Guides
Building a Top Resume Guide
Owning the Interview Guide
Creating Professional Portfolios Guide
Amazing Cover Letters Guide
The Business Proposal Guide
Resume Template & Style Guide

Freelancing Help
Increasing Freelance Sales Guide
Expanding from Freelance Gigs to Lucrative Business Guide

Specific Industry Career Help
Programming Job Application Guide
Data Science Job Application Guide
Marketing Job Application Guide
Sales Job Application Guide
Business Management Job Application Guide
Business Analysis Job Application Guide
International Business Job Application Guide
Project Management Job Application Guide

1 on 1 Career Help
Resume Review
Full Job Application Review
Career Coaching Services

As you can see, a hefty list of offerings and ways we can help. And if you don’t want to promote anything special, you can just link our website and let others find what they prefer most (you still get credit).

5 – Are there are rules?

Yes but nothing too surprising or making anything difficult on you. For a full list of the Affiliate Agreement you need to agree to before starting, here it is – link

6 – I’m not working for Reverse Tide by signing up right?

No, technically you’d just be an independent contractor. You are NOT employed by Reverse Tide in any way. However, if you earn anything that is taxable in your jurisdiction, you’ll need to sort that out on your own.

7 – How do I get started?

Check out our Affiliate Area to quickly fill out your details and create a login. Then we’ll approve you if you meet our conditions and you’re ready to go!

Why Join Our Program?


We think we have one of the internet’s best affiliate programs. Here are a few reasons why…

1 – Personalized. We are willing to work with people directly on how to generate awareness and market our products FOR THEIR AUDIENCE SPECIFICALLY. No generic banner ads. No broad strategy. We want to work with our affiliates directly to maximize the relationship. So we encourage people to contact us so we work on this together.

2 – Inbound affiliate. Most affiliate programs give you links to use on YOUR site or social media pages only. We certainly offer and encourage that since your audience is different than ours. But we are happy to allow you to create content on OUR site too. And then we can put your links on any content created (articles, learning content, etc) so you get full credit for it. Not many companies offer that.

3 – Our percentages are quite high. A lot of affiliate programs are at 10% or less. We have 30% referral fees and if you start converting a lot of customers, we will consider offering you more.

4 – We have a lot of products on a lot of subjects. No matter what you do, chances are we have a product within that subject area. As you can see above, we offer 16 products and 3 services. And it’s for all budgets too. 

5 – Anyone can sign up. No restrictions in terms of business size or type. No sales quotas to stay in the program. We’re even happy if you want to sign up and then buy one of our products as a gift for a family member.

6 – We give a lot of free stuff away here. Most of our content is free, which allows you and anyone you refer to sample our style and quality. We think our content can help anyone or at least give them something to think about. So even if you don’t want to link a paid product, link our site or an intriguing article and if they want to buy then awesome. If not, you’ve given them something interesting to read!

7 – Our products aren’t too hard to sell. Everything is aimed at helping people with their career and education. We don’t create a product or service unless we think it will pay for itself many times over. So it’s not like you’re pushing a product you know your audience probably doesn’t need.

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