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A Big Mission

Welcome to Reverse Tide!

We have a large website and seemingly do a lot of things. But to be very clear, our overall vision is to change education. We focus on adult skill-based learning and how to improve the current education system. Memorization, test taking, certificates, A-F grading, and classrooms are not ideal. It costs too much and high quality is inaccessible to much of the world. It worked for centuries because we didn’t have the technology to do better and needed a standardized model across large geographies. But now we can do better. Much better.

Eventually, we envision a world where learning is personalized. Where anyone in the world can access it without geographical or income limitations. Technology is used to vastly improve quality. Collaboration, immersion, and experiential learning are the norm. We think this vision is only years away. And Reverse Tide will be at the forefront of this.

Today, we offer a website of 23 learning paths in the most important skills (technology, business, and marketing subjects). And then we offer the career services to ensure that leads to a desirable outcome.

As the site evolves, you’ll see us do a lot more. The end goal is to use virtual reality to create our own education platform and make learning experiential, cost-effective, and fun. But that’s for the future.


A Quick Sitemap

Here’s what you can find today. We have many resources that can help you…

1) Reverse Tide Learning where we have 23 learning paths in the most relevant skills for your career. This includes technology, business, and marketing subjects. Each path is complete with the best learning sources, how to master the subject, how to quickly get resume building experience, and then how to use that learning to get a job.

2) Reverse Tide Career Services where we help you with the most modern and effective ways in getting your dream job. We have guides that help create winning job applications including help in resumes, portfolios, cover letters, interviewing, 7 different job functions, freelancing, and more. We believe we’re the best career website on the internet and that we can really help you achieve great things.

3) Reverse Tide Lifestyle where we help inspire you to enjoy this whole process. You can learn, work, or create from anywhere in the world and live whatever lifestyle you choose. We give a few examples of how that’s possible.

4) Reverse Tide Virtual Reality where we offer business services and partnerships in the virtual reality space. We aspire to eventually use this as a key learning technology. However, in the meantime, we are looking to help businesses enter the space, create great content, and profit from this game-changing technology.

5) Reverse Tide Education & Training Services where we offer business services to education institutions. As critical as we might be of the status quo, we have no intention of tearing down the industry. Instead, we want to make the case for adapting to modern times and adjusting to an improved education/training model. We have many ideas and offerings to any education or learning institution.

6) Reverse Tide Real Estate where we are seeking partnerships in the hotel industry. As time goes on, that may expand to other real estate offerings. While these business models will stand alone, we have eventual plans to mold this into our on-site education plans.


Final Thoughts

We won’t do this overnight. The website you see today is our starting point and we’ll continue building every day. So please do three things if you like this vision. First, follow us. Sign up for our email list, follow us on social media, and subscribe to our RSS feed. Second, Partner with Reverse Tide. We have a long list of ways you can help and join us on our journey! And third, spread the word about our offerings. The more people that join our community, the better chance we’ll realize our vision.

Thanks so much for visiting the site. We hope you enjoy our many current offerings. And we hope you stick around as Reverse Tide matures into a ground-breaking company. If you want to know anything more about me (Dan), check it out here and get into contact.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting!