Welcome to Reverse Tide Learning!

Our goal is to revolutionize the learning world with better outcomes for students, better teaching methods, better learning sources, and access for anyone that wants it.

Reverse Tide Learning strives to be the internet’s leader in providing comprehensive learning on the modern economy’s most important professional skills. Unlike traditional universities, training programs, and other formal learning programs, we focus on five core goals…

1 – Topical. We only focus on the skills most important to today’s modern economy. If the economy changes, we change (although we predict where things are headed in advance in our page The Future). This means we nix subjects that are nice to have rather than requiring everyone to learn it. We love history. We love literature. We love the arts. We love philosophy. But these are not career paths that require intensive study. You can learn any of these things for free without it interrupting your higher education or being forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars on them. Instead, we focus on the skills that are highly sought after by employers.

2 – Comprehensive. We cover the totality of topics needed to become job-ready. The average university requires only about 10 core classes to graduate in each major (the rest is general education). With employers often complaining that students lack experience and job-ready skills, we realize that greater coverage is needed. So we focus on a more thorough education aimed at jobs and getting experienced as part of that learning path. We’re confident you will have a significantly better resume using our learning paths than any university major or training program would provide.

3 – Efficient. We don’t waste time or resources on meaningless material. We tell you why you should learn each topic in the path toward proficiency. You can make up your mind whether that’s a worthy use of your time or you should skip it. The sources we link are also limited in theory-based education. We want instructors that have worked in the real world and can get you those skills as efficiently as possible. No memorization, theoretical concepts, definitions, or any of the other time-wasting things that are common in traditional education. Our aim is to minimize the amount of time from the beginning of your learning to when you’re ready for an entry level job.

4 – Affordable. Each learning curriculum costs under $1,000 for both education and career services. However, the goal is to make your learning an investment that pays for itself through career enhancement. Because we’re teaching real skills and guiding you toward being employable in good jobs, we think the return on investment is high (assuming you learn and perform well). When you compare this to universities and expensive training programs that statistically offer poor outcomes, this is one of our most desirable traits. And if you don’t like the learning paths we offer, no problem because it’s free to view them. There’s no admissions, no tuition, no administration. Everything is available online and to anyone that wants it. And when we link to the top learning sources for each subject, you’ll find it adds up to approximately 95% less cost than traditional education sources.

5 – Career Enhancing. We focus on the skills and practices that get you hired into well-paying jobs. No fluff, administration, fancy degrees/certificates. Just great education and even better career services. The learning is designed to get you experience quickly and before you’re applying to full-time jobs. And we have career products/services that help you with writing resumes, cover letters, professional portfolios, interviews, and more. While we offer no guarantees, we’re confident that you’re doing a good thing for you career by associating with Reverse Tide.

Nope we’re not traditional and that’s our great strength! If you want to hang a diploma on the wall or have letters next to your name, best to go elsewhere. If you want to learn the right way and give yourself the best chance at a great job, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Reverse Tide Learning.


Frequently Asked Questions


1 – Do you offer certificates or degrees? Are you accredited? 

No, no, and no. This is by design. A certificate or degree is a piece of paper and nothing more. It doesn’t confirm that you can communicate business ideas, develop software, or market a company’s product. Those are skills. And we believe you need to learn and demonstrate those skills to make an impression on employers. That’s what our learning pages aim to do… enhance your skills, get experience (through projects and freelancing), and then communicate your qualifications in a way that gets you hired.

Take a look at Payscale’s study – 2016 Workforce-Skills Preparedness Report. If you scroll down, you’ll see that half of managers find graduates lack the skills necessary for the working world. This includes both soft and tangible skill gaps. So in our opinion, the traditional education isn’t preparing students for employer expectations. A degree or certificate doesn’t mean what it used to. However, our learning paths aim to bridge those gaps and introduce a much more skilled applicant (even if they can’t be considered a graduate under its dictionary definition).

2 – You don’t teach the subjects yourself. You just link to other instructors and learning materials? Why?

We aren’t arrogant enough to think we’re the best teachers in every subject. That’s what is so nice about the internet. There are thousands of amazing learning sources out there. And we’ve done learning checklistcountless hours of consultation, research, and searching to uncover the best ones. So we organize each subject into a detailed learning path that includes online courses, books, web guides, and project based learning. And that learning path is intended to get you job ready.

If you’re skeptical that our learning paths don’t work, consider that we researched all the top universities, coding bootcamps, formal training programs, accredited certificate programs, and other common education sources. We replicated the good parts, eliminated the theory and waste, and added job prep topics that they haven’t considered. We are confident each has the best learning path for achieving job-ready proficiency. And we’ve consulted with many experts and self-learners in every subject to be certain we have it right. As things change in each subject, we’ll continually refine it to make it as perfect as possible.

One last note… we do teach all the Career Services subjects and sometimes add some Reverse Tide sourced material when we believe we can do better than any other source. We simply defer to the best, as that’s the most customer friendly way.

3 – Should we just skip university or expensive training programs and do Reverse Tide Learning instead?

This is totally your choice. Everyone’s situation and goals are different so it’s impossible to make a money educationclaim like that. However, we have a lot of perspective that you may want to consider.

First, traditional education needs to change. And the only way that will happen is if their customers demand it. We think we’re an alternative when you would otherwise pass on traditional education sources. Our goal is not to compete with traditional education but to encourage their improvement. One way is considering alternatives.

Second, you need to stop believing that traditional education is your only option. It’s not. We exist just like coding bootcamps, Coursera and Udacity (two sources we use often). Entrepreneurs and freelancers don’t need degrees. Half the jobs graduating students are getting don’t require degrees. Traditional education is absolutely required to be a doctor, lawyer, investment banker, or engineer. However, there are hundreds of awesome careers that don’t require it. For more, refer to our article Alternative to University and Traditional Higher Education that talks about alternatives to every facet of traditional education: the learning, the social stuff, and the outcomes.

Third, make an intelligent choice about traditional education. Consider that education doesn’t stop after 4 years or you won’t be able to keep up in our modern world. Consider the cost to benefit. Consider the alternatives. Consider the outcomes you want and whether they’re likely to provide them. We think Reverse Tide Learning works well by itself, as a supplement to traditional education, or for use throughout your life (as continuing education). So we support whatever choice you make!

4 – Have you personally tested every suggested source?

No. This would be impossible. There are hundreds of books, courses, and other learning materials for every topic. It would take about 100 lifetimes just to get through every possible source (and by that time, those sources would be quite old!!!). So here’s how we evaluate which sources to suggest…

  • test learningSearching for the most comprehensively taught curriculums. We won’t suggest the source unless it gives a lot of detail and we believe it covers the topic thoroughly
  • Using reviews. You’ll see that every source we suggest has amazing reviews. Not average reviews but nearly unanimously great ones.
  • Consulting with learners that have used those sources successfully to make sure it derives a good outcome
  • Consulting with the leaders in each industry to ensure these are reputable sources
  • Ensuring each instructor has the credentials to be teaching the subject
  • Doing tons of research to make sure we’ve found the best ones. Hours upon hours. To put it in perspective, it has taken us over a year to ensure our research was thorough enough
  • Using or sampling them ourselves. But as we said, it’s physically impossible to try all of them

Now compare this to traditional schooling or training. How often is the teacher great or even above average? Not as often as we wish. If they’re below average, do you get an alternative or your money back? Nope. What about the textbooks? How great are those usually? Expensive and pretty low quality far too often.

So in terms of the instruction quality, we’re pretty confident in what we have. In fact, we were surprised how amazing the sources we’ve found are in every single subject. We actually wanted to include engineering and economics in our curriculum list but couldn’t find the sources to justify it. So we’re being as honest as possible here.

5 – How does Reverse Tide make money?

The majority of things we do here are free. We strongly believe we need to create amazing value before we can possibly justify asking you to spend on our products. Thus, access to the learning paths are free. All the articles on getting experience and doing projects are free. All the news and perspectives are free. The freelance resources page is free. Our futurology page is free. And much more.

career helpWe derive revenue from two sources. After you’ve learned all these subjects, we offer career services. We have developed comprehensive guides on how to write impactful qualifications in each of our learning subjects (tailored around the curriculum we suggested). And then we’ve done guides on all the application materials you’ll need (resumes, cover letters, professional portfolios, interviews, etc). We also offer 1v1 career services and teach two freelance courses.

All these things are pretty low cost, especially compared to most career services. And we’re confident we’re the best in this business! It gets even more low cost when you consider that if you get a job just one day sooner or we help you get a better job than you ordinarily would’ve, it pays for itself many times over.

The second source of revenue is through affiliate marketing. A small percentage of the learning sources we link to will give us referral commissions. It’s honestly a pretty small percentage (probably less than 5% of the sources we link). This is just upside for us. We link the best learning sources regardless (as you’ll notice, most of the sources we link to are free). Our aim is to make this as low cost as possible for the student. And in case you ever have doubt about our motive, check the reviews on what we suggest. You’ll notice they’re all outstanding. We make a lot more money from career services so it’d be pretty foolish of us to betray your trust. Our business is built on providing amazing value and not any sort of membership fee, tuition, or other customer unfriendly stuff.

So please help us out by purchasing our products! The more you buy and the more you refer us to your friends/colleagues, the more free services we’ll offer. We want to do more learning paths, more content within each path, more interactive features, and start to better use technology. Our mission is to make this an open source learning model with on-site facilities around the world and a really cool VR learning platform for collaboration. The only way we can get there is through your support. So please give our products a try… we’re confident you won’t be disappointed! And tell everyone you know about us!

6 – Which is the greater goal – Free education or comprehensive education?

Definitely comprehensive education. We’re already very low cost. Pretty much every learning path is under $1000 total. So if we have one paid learning source that teaches the topic really well and has 10 hours of comprehensive content and another that’s a free hour-long overview… we pick the former. It’s worthless to you if you’re not learning these subjects in-depth or if the learning source is low quality. But if you spend $1000, learn the subject comprehensively, and then go into the working world… you’ll make that money back within weeks. In fact, we always advise you to do freelancing before aiming for the full-time job. So we think you’ll earn back all the learning and career services costs as part of the learning path itself!!!

With that said, if we can achieve free and comprehensive learning, we’ll certainly take it! And you’ll find it often within each learning page.

7 – I think I can help make your learning paths better. How do I contact you? 

We encourage this. Send a note to workwithus@reversetide.com with your suggestions. Keep in mind, we’ve done a lot of work and research. So we’re not looking for people to promote their own material (unless it’s truly better) or disparage our choices. But we’re very open to improvements or partnerships of any kind.

8 – What’s next for Reverse Tide?

We need you to spread the word. Like our social media pages. Share them with friends, family, colleagues, social media, etc. If you have a blog or podcast or other medium and you’d like Dan (Reverse Tide CEO) to make an appearance, refer to our press & appearances page to get in touch.

We will keep expanding from here. As we said earlier, this means more learning paths, a better website experience, more interaction, and venturing into the virtual reality space. We are looking at possible partnerships as well.